It's killing me

The arena battles have been causing my phone to overheat and crash a lot lately. Luckily, I didn’t lose the battle that it happened during this morning(even though my game closed 3 times), but i have lost plenty of trophies because of it. :sweat::grimacing::weary:


I’ve never seen this problem before regarding j.w.a but my daughter’s sony phone has this problem when she uses her Wi-Fi hotspot and uses the phone at the same time .I worry you’re phones the problem rather than the game

I wow! What phone do you have? Never seen that, and I know somebody that plays with an ancient phone, I talk about Dinos with wooden moves and near impossible to dart but not over heat

galaxy s7. it didnt do it until a couple updates ago.

i dont use wifi. i was sitting in my car at work, doing some matches before going in.

Sorry that wasn’t what I meant to say . I was thinking if you’re phone has maybe some kinda fault if you have other apps running and as it’s a smartphone we always do then that could explain the overheating when she has her phone set as a hotspot I’ll be using her data through my phone and she’ll be using it on her phone so there’s a lot of work the phone is doing hence the overheating

My htc 10 would do that. Google pixel 2 seems to take the heat better.

I recently changed the screen on my phone. The new screen was some cheap version from China and it doesn’t have those cooling surfaces. So, the overheating problem happens to me too.

If you didn’t recently change your screen, maybe the phone run out of cooling paste (I think it has it, I am not sure)

I have the same phone (but edge) and I have gotten the same message in the past and only when playing this game. I stopped using a case as to not trap in the heat, and the message almost never appears now. Only downside is that I’ve dropped my phone 8 times while playing the game…with no case on it.

I’ve had this problem once or twice on my S7 as well…but in fairness too, it was in the middle of the summer heat with the case on, and charger plugged in. Since I started taking my case off when I go hunting, I haven’t seen that message again thankfully. Though I know I’ve likely started to come close a few times.

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Isn’t that the phone that was notorious for blowing up?

no. the Note 7 blew up.

Yup… this one just shuts down right before it explodes. Its totally safe.

Maybe it needs a new battery?

Its not really a battery issue with the phone…really, when its in constant use from something with higher demands on the phones resources, with a case on it, its not great at dissipating heat

Just in case you didn’t knew, there’s an option called “power saver” which makes the game cool down if the phone is overheating

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i keep power saver on cause my phone overheats so much playing the game. and im constantly playing. lol

I know, but I feel that if every setting isnt at optimal or higher, the connection issues start, game lags, GPS drifts… I’ll try it out though.

I have a galaxy J3 Emerge, and I’ve never seen that happen with mine.

Note, I’m not having these issues now without the case on. Last time was this summer.