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It's like groundhog day!


I’ve had this happen to me at least 15 times, and only once has it worked in my favor. A match starts with my Tryostronix and my opponents Indominus.
I’m faster but they cloak.
My furious hit misses, in this case, it actually hit! But it usually misses.
My DSR misses. Only once has it ever worked.
Indominus destroys me with his biggest hit.
Seriously! This has happened to me so many times!! Anyone else?!? Or am I just the unluckiest player on Earth?!?!.


Your answer is in right corner.
Make a swap and nullify.


Maybe you should stop putting Tryo out first then :wink:


You could have also swapped and shielded - your stegod is faster because it’s higher level. Also as others said, tryo isn’t a starter, he requires a setup to be effective.


Just as simple as this.
People have no clue about how to play their cards…

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Sorry for the repeat, but…

Use Stegod to counter Irex
Don’t open with Tryo.

If Stegod didn’t open, you still have time to immediately switch. Use shield as soon as Irex cloaks.


Totaly agree.

Most replys suggest using Stegodeus. It’s not bad solution, but, when you have Monostego in lineup it’s always should be first choise against I-rex.

I’m using Tryo to open, but swap immediately if I see I-rex. Usually it’s cloak…nullify…APR…GSI…dead I-rex.


Actually, an even leveled I-Rex can’t be twoshot by Monostegotops without crit while Indom two hits Monostegotops. So there is that.


If you swap in Monostego, then you’ll eventually lose it after 2 IRex attacks (assuming no one crits).
A safer bet would be Stegod. Even if it dies, one would still hold the Monostego for a possible Indoraptor.
Had Stegod been 24+ then probably I would sacrifice the 20 Monostego.


Exactly. On even levels I-Rex eats Monostegotops unless Mono crits.


Yes, I’s required lvl 22 Monostego to two shot I-rex without crits. Still I would go Monostego or sacrifice Tryo and clean with Monostego or Stegodeus.
Lvl 22 Stegodeus do 1260 + 1680 damage, so shield (840) need to hit through cloak to have chanse killing I-rex without absorbing second hit.

Opponent can have Pyrri or Utahsino or Draco g2 back there.


Between 3300 and 4300 trophies 95% of openers are indominus. So just open with a nullifier

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Back when I first got my friend into the game and he unlocked I-Rex, battle after battle I would send in my Stegodeus while he sent in Indominus. It happened so often that when he finally got his own Stegodeus, I started joking about how at some point, the situation would be reversed and I’d send in Indominus while he used Stegodeus. It still hasn’t happened yet, though. lol


Wow! Ya I guess I’m pretty bad at strategy. I’ll take all these into consideration. Thanks guys! Hopefully I can turn this around.


To get the best use out of tryo you want to use him to finish a dino with ferocious strike… that way the next dino in is going to have to take an amped up dsr.

Their is a nice write up on using tryo over at metahub.

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So… here’s my best. Suggestions? More advice?


Get readu to dump monomimus… its pure trash after 1.6… utahsino is a solid replacement…


I would change Monomimus for Suchotator and Pyrritator for Utahsino.

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Exactly this


You had monostegotops there lol