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It's making me very angry

Sorry about the lack of photos, but don’t y’all just hate it when you have a whole slew of stops around you, and you finally get some event dinos in them?

But then…

When you least expect it…

Something else decides to replace your only box?


I’m so tired of the only event box that I need to gather DNA from being replaced with some low tier strike tower or some basic scent strike. Like this time around, I only managed to dart one Tenonto before it was replaced with a strike tower.

That’s one day wasted. Then the next day, it was replaced with a scent strike. Another day wasted.

Then today, the event box is back. Okay. I dart one Tenonto before doing some stuff, logging off, and then, I log back in to see it being replaced with a strike tower that I’ve already done!

Like why?! I’ve got like seven other supply drops to put these things, why place everything else on the one event box that I have?

It’s so infuriating, it’s no wonder why I never gather DNA like other people.

Does anybody else experience this crap?

Plot twist: they remove that one supply box entirely.


Hardy har-har, very funny :upside_down_face:

But when you say that, in a way, it’s basically going away because today is the last day for the rares. Soni was screwed from the get-go…

They’ve completely removed many of the boxes I had around, now I can only reach 2 of them unless GPS drifts. They have created abominations such as this one by putting those boxes next to other ones.

The mechanics of these are pretty much rng…im sure their is an algorithm in place to take googles playable points and turn them into strike towers, event and regular depots, chests, and sanctuaries.

I dont think Ludia does these kind of things manually but we do know they can adjust the algorithm to affect densities of certain events and towers… why we normally see less event drops on the better events.

On top of all that i dont think all dinos have an equal chance to spawn on events and technically Ludia doesnt advertise events this way. If you have 4 dinos logic would dictate each one has like a 25% to spawn. But i honestly think in some events what we really have is 3 dinos with a 30% spawn rate another with a 10%.

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O.k. people how is this for a twist about in our game and its one idea i think every last one of you will get behind and ask for 900% !
We ask Ludia to place all sanctuaries either in parks or near the edges of one so that they do not clog up the game field like they are doing presently as shown in the attached picture’s i ask you how many bleeding strike towers, sanctuaries, dinosaurs and supply drops do we honestly need all trying to occupy the exact same 1 square inch of the game field making it dang near impossible to get either the dinosaur to dart, enter the sanctuary, collect from the supply drop or enter the strike tower all because they overlap each other so dang much if you click on one of them you get another one entirely ! true ? it is a problem all of us gamer’s face every single day and it is way past the time that something is done to move these objects well away from each other so they do not interconnect with each other every time we try and get one of them !!


One little problem. Some cities have no parks at all. Which means those people won’t have a sanctuary. I’d rather they set up the following code:

If sanctuary or supply drop is x units within an area of another supply drop, the game moves it away on any given axis by 1 unit.
If it qualifies as being in a distance greater than x units, declare it permanent.

This what I get to work with everyday sucks

It’s probably also based on population density as well. In theory a more populous area would have more players. Since sanctuaries have limited space, there should be space enough for players to place their dinosaurs in a sanctuary if they wish to do so without having to travel too far to find a sanctuary with openings. Spreading sanctuaries out and placing fewer of them on the map reduces sanctuary space. I’ve been in situations where the sanctuaries close by were space locked with dinosaurs that I wasn’t interested in their DNA and I had to go find another sanctuary.