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It's never happening, but can't we just have a fully balanced game?

I played this game when it first came out, and one thing bothered me at that point. I noticed raptors were dominating the game (Hence the Raptor-Meta.)

I’m not sure why I deleted the game, or why I thought about it earlier this year, but even after my return, after I reached a mid-point, I realized two creatures were ruling the game, Procerathomimus and Indoraptor Gen 2.

Two Patches later, Procerathomimus were nerfed into oblivion and Indoraptor Gen 2 was seen less and less, even though it was still a good cunning creature. However, two creatures I have commonly faced for no apparent reason were Trykosaurus and that dreaded Ardentismaxima who I couldn’t unlock for weeks because I didn’t dart it.

Anyway, I came to notice why I was always beating them: I always had Thylacotator and Alloraptor whenever I faced one of the two. Then it hit me.I was there for 2 past metas. But now a new one began. Why does this happen?

Why can’t every creature play a part, and everyone’s team not just have the same dinos over and over on every team? You have a select few cunning creatures, yet the best are Magna and Zorion. Utarinex to an extent. But why shouldn’t Erlikospyx be good for something? Why can’t Erlidom be useful? Why can’t Indo at least have a role instead of being your quickly replaced starter unique?

Basically, can’t everything have a place and be special instead of 2-6 creatures dominating the game? Is it REALLY fun to face the exact same creatures instead of facing opponents with different preferences and playstyles?

I know it’s not happening, but if we had TRUE balance the game would be SO much better.

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I’ve beaten this horse deader then an erlidom fighting a max. To the point I actually left and came back. I have lower expectations on the topic now.

But, it’s probably the single biggest flaw this game has and it affects all aspects of the arena…

Wanna have a match where what moves you choose matter and not just you and your opponent going through the motions? Better hope you both get either good draws or bad draws.

My last match I pulled Dio, tryko, max, thyla. Said to myself this looks like my incubator win. And it was 3-1 no less.

So not only is match making repetitive which is nothing new but matches feel even more predetermined then previous patches.

I think the worse impact is when Ludia decides its time for a Dino’s time in the spotlight to end… its not a slight nerf… it’s a find a replacement or lose some trophies nerf. Some find a replacement… some do not… some don’t and are content to just drop to a spot where there team wins 50% of the time and that normally happens to be a point where their subpar Dino’s have such a level advantage the math means they win half the time.

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