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It's Not Justified, Ludia... Period

I was at 1436 trophies yesterday for the Brachiosaurus tournament, and in the last hour, the game had to show me the server error, even when I had strong WiFi.

It has been 13 hours and I still don’t know if I finished in Dominator or not. Not only that, this game has to show me the error at least twice or thrice a week.

I believe this is not justified… I spent 7K DBs on this tournament and also a lot of time and effort. Yesterday was especially a bad day for me because of this - this was about to be my first non-Bracketed Dominator finish.

I have no idea if support will look into this, but rest assured, my connection is stable and I have contacted support via email. I have done every suggested procedure.

I still do not know if I have made it into the Tournament.

Edit : Finished in Dominator, but still this issue needs addressing…


Hey @Jurassic_Fury, I feel really sorry for you, even though I had 1200 trophies, I knew there was no way as I realized the predictions were short, but I feel really sorry for you. I hope you do get it


There’s a chance that you remembered incorrectly and you were actually on something like 1496.


Yeah but even if it was, I personally feel it is folly on the game’s part to not respond to the many players having this issue. This tourney is a contributing factor to what I am really disgusted about.


Still not connecting? And u have network no connection…hmmmm… What I usually do is change my network to 3g ,or other modes or using WiFi, and most of the times it works


That seems frustrating, Jurassic_Fury. Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible and provide additional troubleshooting. Your patience is appreciated!


When my game shows that error I connect to WiFi or turn off WiFi and use data instead and it connects then.

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