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It's November and still no Nayeli

Where she at? The cheap seats want their freebie.

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It’ll come soon enough. I don’t really think we’re missing anything. She certainly hasn’t impressed when I’ve faced her in PvP.

There will probably be an event that costs a ton of gold or gems for most to complete to get her.

It was already stated that it would be around November 3rd, Id assume the weekly update on monday.

Its also been stated that she will be a renown reward, so make sure you dont level up too much. For those of us with lv20 renown, she will be a quest reward.

Crap I finally gave in last week and leveled 4 of my party

I only ever saw in game that it said “after October” the only thing I ever saw that said the 3rd was in a forum post from a player and not someone who works for Ludia.

I hope it comes soon but even though it is technically “after” October now, it has only been 2 days and December is after October as well.

My guess however is that it will be in the next week or two

Well I want her mostly to increase my renown haha


Same here !!!

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Haven’t been impressed by her when I encountered her in PvP, as I’m renown 20 already can I opt out on the quest?
Don’t really want her messing up my matchups


You don’t have to have her on your roster, which maxes out at 8.

For now. Making it 9 and sticking everyone with a low level character would be a big incentive to get people to spend money.

Yeah, levelling her alone would get me to 20 pretty quickly.

Just got back to the game. My renown was 12 and i leveled up to 13, but still no Nayeli. Is there a quest i should be getting?

Yup it should have completed what ever quest you were on (given you the rewards) and replaced it with a Nayeli quest (beli3ve it was 150 scrolls)