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Its now official


I’m darting everything I come across. Regardless of how much dna I’ve got of it.
I want that sino dna for myself and my alliance. :slight_smile:
Even darting these:

I would even dart a stygig2 if I saw one. Lol

I’m sure many other players are feeling the same way.


i’m darting every single thing i see…its like uni all over again.


I see what you did there. Lol

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I am hating Majungasaurus now. That’s the only dino that shows up at my local #1


My stash of random commons is growing crazy quick too!


I’ve got nearly 30k of Majung too. Still darting it. Lol

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I’m surprised people have not already been doing this. I’ve been darting everything I see since getting this game simply because you never know when you’ll want that dna later. Now it’s an added bonus that all our efforts help towards alliance loot. Yay!


Why dart a dino you’ve got 20-50k+ dna for and miss an opportunity on darting a dino whose dna you actually need?

I’ve missed out on darting a rare or epic because I stopped to dart a common I already had a bunch of dna for.


Well, of course you prioritize it! No matter how many animals are around you always get the epic and rares first. If you’re darting a common one you have a ton of already and pass up on a rare or epic…that’s on you haha.


Can you still dart something you have max dna for? Because at some point im gonna be maxed on majunga…


Can I see this? :o


I didnt mean anytime soon… but i dont expect these quests to change much week from week. So instead of ignoring 75% of majungas i see… im going to keep darting them to progress the alliance quests and at some point i will hit the cap as i have no desire to do anything with the dna. So it was a serious question…

With the current spawn mechanics and alliance tasks we will all eventually hit the cap on the dna of certain commons because they are the only thing around but we have to fire x amount of darts… if we are at cap and we can dart a dino we have max dna on will that dna count as collected dna or are we going to need to level these commons at some point to be able to contribute…


Hmm… They might implement something that allows us to get rid of excess dna.
That would be nice.
Trade xxxx dna for XX coins or the like.

Edit: I was thinking you were saying you had 800k Majung dna or something. Lol


If I’m walking shot everything that moves, if I go on public transport, of course I must prioritize and sometimes it is not easy (today shoot two velociraptors and return to the game the train was moving away from two epics).

In these moments I have 4 creatures with more than 100,000 DNA: gallimimus, nundasuchus, suchomimus, irritator gen 2 (Yes, I know, I could create a brutal level 26 suchotator, but I do not want a lot of frustration when it’s nerfed and the superhybrid is created).

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