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It's official [1.7 patch Teaser]

  • Erlidominus
  • Tryko
  • Diloracherius
  • Magna

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Why would they nerf magna if they just buffed her?


Doubt it but I was putting all Tyrant tier -DC


Very sure at least one will be nerfed


And who will be buffed


how did they get that shot? did the creature stop walking, back up and stare at it’s own footprints to have the shadow on top of them? :thinking:

  • Diorajasaurus
  • Stygdarex
  • Pteravexus
  • Tujiomaloch
  • Grypolyth

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Who will do you think will get buffed


But most cenozoic live in both cold and warm places


Yeah that makes sense


When do you think 1.7 will be released


Okay, I’m Dutch and we like to compromise, so here we are


We’ll probably get patch notes Friday and the update Monday.


Actually now I think about it, we will probs get it after Stygdarex pursuit finishes


But maybe it could


@Tuophysis Monolodiegodon ftw!! But he has to also be snarky!!


After a lot of DC complaints.
Ludia: have this now then.


This thing can oneshot a Baryonyx or an Indominus Rex.



This made me laugh out loud. :smiley:


Classic Ludia . Need DC then create something Even more OP