It's really frustrating that system randomly select weakest member of the team Mostly!


It’s really frustrating that system randomly select weakest member of the team Mostly!


You are the one in charge of your team’s makeup. If they are weak, they shouldn’t be there and that’s entirely on you.


Hey, I’m guessing your not that far into the game? Once you get a good team behind you, so all 8 are dinos you’d choose it’ll get much better!

Of course there’s always a preferred 4 that you might want, but quite often I won’t have any of my preferred 4 and yet the team I end up facing those 4 actually turn out to be the best counter.

Just swap out and try new creatures, you’ll be surprised what work well! I’m only level 8 but have 4 commons in my 8.


I agree that this random selection is crap. I think it is their system of trying to keep it even, but there is no consistency.


Pretty sure the majority of the community approves of the system precisely because of the lack of consistency, so that people like the OP can’t always use the “best.” If you pay attention to your dinosaurs and practice, you should be able to make any combination of you 8 dinosaurs have a solid chance to win. Not 100%, but workable.


There should be 3 team spaces to place the dinos possible for each box. So you can place 3 armor or 3 slowing or however you like your team. But 1 of the 3 will be in that position. I seem to get the crappiest handed to me. 3 of 5 fights. Would love a more definable team. Soldier wouldn’t head out to a fight and only check his weapons once he is under fire.


No, a soldier is trained in multiple forms of combat to be adaptable so that if they don’t have their one particular weapon, they aren’t useless :wink:

Also, this isn’t a war that must be won at all costs. It’s a game that needs to balance fun and fairness in a way that reaches everyone who plays. :slight_smile: