It's really great

That I keep encountering cheaters and ludia wont do anything about it…

Instead of fixing the issue let’s release more dinos.

Bold move-lets see how it will work out of them.

You might want to supply a little more information in your post, how exactly did the player that just beat you (lets face it, if you weren’t just beaten you wouldn’t be here posting this kind of thing lol) manage to cheat?

You are absolutely right, I was beaten. I just funny how I am encountering stuns 100% of the time off 10%chance the entire match, or constant criticals. It’s not every time but some. And then when I stun and they automatically get to go right afterwards as if my stun did nothing…I dont mind when I lose when it seems logical. Also, It is just upsetting when a game like this favors the GPS gifted for spawning dinos.

More people who think the game is taken over by cheaters just because they lost. Stuns happen, get over it. And just because you stun them, doesn’t mean they don’t get a move the next turn. Especially if you used an instant stun when the opponent is faster.

this math checks out.


Those are not cheaters.

I’d say it is lazy programming. It seems that everything is solved with random generators :

Stunning, Critical hits, DNA hybridization, Dinos you get for fighting.

Opponents you get also, with only a little bit of control, because you can still encounter players who have creatures 3-6 levels higher than yours.

DNA you get from incubs… that’s RNG as well, although it does seem to many that Ludia knows what DNA you need, and gives you a whole lot of crap you’ll never use, or a few that are marginally useful.

No doubt to “encourage” you to buy more incubators and repeat the cycle.

But when they finally add a hybrid for the Dino that you have 80k DNA for you will be loving Ludia for it all =D

Edit: Also rule of thumb is Don’t pay for DNA, only coins!

I don’t pay for DNA anyway. I get battle incubs. Seriously, I have irritator gen2 out the wazoo now, and stygi gen 2 is useless. Most of the stuff I get might only be useful to those just now starting the game. At level 12, I would expect better.

I get level 1 dinos that have no use, and very rarely (if ever) get a useful rare or epic in any of the battle arena incubs.

I was talking about two different topics stun and critical hits.

Sorry I didnt clarify.

Appreciate the sincerity of your comment though…

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Exactly, I cant find anything that is of use to me to level up.

And when I mentioned the GPS gifted is because I have been playing since the game came out(maybe a week off) but still, been playing for a while and I just got the indo rex. I know he isn’t the best dino but when I do use him I would say 1 in 10 chance his cloak actually works. In the mean time Mr. Or Mrs. Joeblow’s dinos hits with critcals or stuns. It’s just frustrating when I finally do when a battle and I get the basic incubator.

The highest trophy count I got to was 2700 and then went on a great losing streak and dropped to 2400.