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Its so beautiful

Finally, after months of trying and so many bumps. I made it. I’m going to cry. I’ve been stuck in the marshes since July. :sob:


Congrats! Do you mind posting a snapshot of your team? I’ve been stick in Sorna forever and would like to see what I should be shooting for.

Congrats, youll bounce in and out for a bit then find yourself there all the time.

Sure! I was about to edit my post to do that actually. XD

Thanks! I’m not as far off as I thought. I’ve been hovering between 3200- 3500, but can’t break the 3500 barrier. But mine aren’t too far off from yours.

Hopefully I’ll have Pyrriratator and Monomimus soon to help me out.

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I was stuck at 3500-ish for a while too.
Actually, before this, I raged so hard and said “screw it” and dropped to 2200 trophies to take a break and change of pace. I’m super competitive and I realized that I needed a reprieve. On Monday I decided to slowly go back up in trophies and noticed that my strategy went back to how it was before I started raging on the game so hard. I’m thinking clearer and having some rng luck, but I’m not getting so mad anymore.

Btw, my para and Anky(<3) are my big game changers. My Anky was actually the dino that won me the match to get me to the ruins.

I’m working on my Anky. Just need to coins to level them up! And anky gen 2. I have over 7000 ophiacodon so I’m good on that for a while.

Good luck! I’ve slowed down a little on mine since I’m working on the Alanqa hybrid, but Ankylosaurus gen 2 is pretty common in my area so its not such a big deal. I’ve got about 5000 ophia dna to work with too.