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It's So Nice to Have an Epic Tournament Where

…an overfed Sarcorixis doesn’t waddle out and eat your entire team in every 2nd match.

I must say, the community is feeling the benefit of that nerf now.


omg that happened to me not too long ago and it was the most annoying thing, especially because of this guy’s tactic he had. He had a lvl 30 rixis with 6k health, we would use immobilize and then stunning strike, and if you were low enough swap in with either wooly or draco. We would keep farming this tactic and it was the most toxic thing i’ve ever seen. (in the end i won tho cause his wooly’s stun didn’t land allowing me to one-shot it with my allosino’s piercing impact).


That’s one of the big problems with the current ‘swap in meta’.
It’s too easy for players to build their entire team around one over-levelled creature, backed up by a few swappers.