It's that time of year

Found these dinosaur ornaments when I was out shopping for decorations. Admittedly, I just started out with the Rex and the Trike because of sentimental reasons. But then the Apatosaurus was the only one left and the Stego is pretty much covered in gold glitter.

There is a Spino and an Anky but four is a good number. And these things are just under $10 a piece.


Where did you get them?

I found these at Hobby Lobby.

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Ikr? Hobby lobby has alot of good dinos, I saw some glass dinosaurs, a baryonyx, and I think a stego

Does anyone agree that Jurassic Park/World toys got less and less qualtative over the years?
JP1 and JP2 Toys were by far the best I think.

Depends on which toys you’re talking about, because some improve, some don’t.