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Its the end
Jurassic World is reaching its end. Hope the last film will be good.

It might seem like that, but people thought that after Jurassic park III and then Jurassic World came out, so…
But either way, it’s gonna give birth to so many other mini series like camp Cretaceous, so this is definitely not the last we’ll be seeing of Jurassic World

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Screenrant is usually not the most objective source of information with a huge amount of clickbait titles, so we’ll have to see.
The current trilogy will end with dominion, but the franchise can still make a lot of money and movie studios would be stupid to just let it end.


If I remember correctly, on Klayton Fioriti’s channel recently it was said that one of the producers mentioned Dominion is the end of this trilogy, so there may be more.

Plus Camp Cretaceous is ongoing and there has been talk of a live action series too.

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it’ll be the end of a trilogy, but highly doubtful that its the end of the franchise. Theres plenty of avenues to continue the franchise without movies. and nothing says they can’t do more JP/JW trilogies after this set.


It’s possible we might be seeing new main characters for the third trilogy

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