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It's Time for 3 Level 30 Strike Towers


Please add a third epic strike tower each week that has 3 level 30 Dinos,

I know that there will be a much smaller number of players who can defeat them and I may not be able to but then I may. I don’t know.

I want the challenge. I want to see where my team is.

Right now my main team has gotten comfortable defeating 2 level 30’s and would like the challenge to take on 3 level 30’s. I’m not saying I can win but it will stress test my team and playing to see how close I can get.

As I was growing my second account, the 2 level 30 strike towers was a test to see where they were in strength. Week after week I would get closer and closer to defeating them and now I got there. They are still a challenge for my 2nd account but not so much any more with my primary one.

Think about it. Others might like the challenge also.


Thats what i fight in arena daily lol. :joy: Definitely would be easier with a bot using them

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This would be something new to work to achieve, the issue i see is their is going to be a portion of the player base that would expect greater rewards from a strike tower that difficult.


It kind of is a greater reward because a regular week they will get 2 epic incubators and now they get 3. It’s all perspective


It’s back to two


Well, what for a few would be a challenge for 95% of the players would be a new frustration, and the game already has many. In addition, it would “give” DNA and coins to the tops and further increase their distance from the rest. Perhaps the only option with three 30 that would not irritate the majority would be to put three creatures 30 not too powerful.