It's time for boosts 3.0

I have been thinking about boosts for a long time. I think I’ve finally come up with an answer that pleases people who have them and people who don’t.

Solution: For every creature, add quests (it can be as simple as get X takedowns) that when completed allow you to increase the boost level by one. It can be as simple as “get X takedowns to get one boost of your choosing” or as complex as “to level up speed you need to beat faster opponents”. For example, to boost my trex I would have to battle and get 10 takedowns to boost it once. For the next level it could require 15 takedowns, etc.

With this system in place, players could work with their favorite creatures on the map (you wouldn’t be able to endlessly farm campaign for this) and in PvP/tournaments to improve them. Existing boosts would be a “free pass” system that allows you to increase the boost level of a creature as normal without needing to do the quest, and acquiring them would be largely the same as right now. Boost resets wouldn’t have to be as common, since people can now gather boosts by playing the game instead of hoarding them and hoping their team doesn’t get nerfed. Lesser used creatures could be more easily put into play because you’re rewarded for battling well with whatever creatures you want to play with.

Any feedback, especially from fine folks like @Mudkipz , would be greatly appreciated. @Ned I really hope this idea makes its way to the JWA team, as I think solving the issue of the meta changing each month and people feeling like it’s too risky to boost is of critical importance.


This was would be a very good solution and would make boost fun not a pain


Impressive method.

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That’s the hope!


Reminds of the Call of duty way of lvling up an item/weapon, if you use it more you will be able to lvl it up, In this games case boost a dino more, even if it’s bad or good, I like this idea maybe should be introduced but I have a feeling it won’t be so easy as 10 takedowns gives you a boost


Awesome idea

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I do like the idea of a merit based boost system, so that you feel like you have to “earn” them. However, I’m afraid that this would just keep the meta centralized around the best few dinos in the game. Those are the only ones you could earn a lot of boosts for, so those would be the only ones people would or could use.


I did of course only use takedowns as an example: you could have other missions as well. As for takedowns, generally you can get a good number from strike events or skill tournaments if the pvp arena winds up being too difficult?

Yeah I probably wouldn’t use Takedowns. Even with Strike events, those to me feel more like a chore than anything.

Yes! This would be very effective in solving the boost problem, and it would be enjoyable for most everyone involved!

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I personally like this idea. Maybe make it sometimes takedowns are required, other times winning specific strike events, or by using specific moves a certain number of times. I feel a system of “friendship” could be implemented too. Reminds me a bit about Pokemon and Call of Duty. Having the best of both mechanics sounds like a fun way to go.

I like boosts as much as anyone else, but I get a higher sense of accomplishment when I unlock things through achievements.

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I think a combination of takedowns and other missions would work: but I agree that exclusively take downs would probably not work given the issues you raised about the meta.

Yeah, but some of the other suggestions about a friendship system got me thinking: what if you could walk to earn boosts? Sort of like the buddy system in pokemon go. With short range spawns being a thing, Ludia clearly wants us to get out and walk to play the game. So what if you could pick a dino to be your buddy, and then it becomes your “avatar” walking around the map as you do? Then every X distance, you earn X number of boosts. And since you’re earning boosts, they could be applied to anything, so the dino you walk could just be your favorite dino. The longer the dino is your buddy, the more boosts you earn (up to a certain amount). The boosts given could vary by class - fierce give attack, resilient give health, and cunnings give speed. Hybrid classes would have a chance of dropping either boost. And Wildcards would have a chance of dropping all three.

Or every X distance you could increase one of that particular dinos stats by one level - I actually like that a lot. The downside of this system is that it would be very slow - only able to boost one dino at a time. Maybe you could combine the two systems: so every X distance you can level up one of the stats of the dino you’re walking by 1 level, and you get X boosts of a certain type to use for any dino? Either way, I wouldn’t do away with the boost Strike towers, as I don’t think walking should be the ONLY way to earn boosts.

That’s nice. Would be much better than the current boost system

i feel like that if this idea was fleshed out more
It’d be really good, maybe more quests then takedowns for example

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This is the reason I @ mentioned you. I think that quests should absolutely consist of multiple possible methods, ranging from walking to battling to perhaps even sanctuary (for applicable creatures) interaction. The goal would be to use the creatures in a variety of ways, and in doing so apply that “love” to the boost system. Boost towers and supply drop granted boosts would still be valuable (as would boost sales) because boosts earned this way would be “wildcard boosts” that would bypass the slower quest process. The goal of this system is less about replacing the current boost system and more about providing players with a reasonable alternative to refunding boosts/waiting for a reset to boost a given creature. Since it takes decades right now to earn free boosts for all creatures XD.

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Totally agree: I think takedowns is the most simple option, but it by no means should be the only one. Perhaps as mudkipz said a walking dynamic, or even some other possible options that I can’t think of yet!