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It's time to buff stuns

Like the topic says, I think now would be a good time to buff and/or rework stuns. Right now, stunning is one of the few major mechanics which has been left virtually untouched since the beginning. Sure lesser stun and 33% stun were removed, but with the buffs to immune creatures and the addition of immune to stuns, stuns really need balancing.
I may be in a state of bitterness coming off a game in which I missed 3 of 3 stuns to lose on the last turn, but I’m sure nearly every player has had a situation in which missing a stun turns the tide in a game for the worse. I’m providing 4 options, all of which I think would allow for a more fair stun-play.

Option 1: All Greater Stuns become 100%. This does not include instant charge. This option would ensure dinos like Dilorach, Monostego, Tragod, Tuoro, and others stay relevant in the endgame meta, while lesser dinos provide versatility in the lower arenas.

Option 2: Guaranteed Stun Ability for Hadrosaurs (and maybe others). Hadrosaurs pretty much rely on stuns except for one or two of them (looking at you tenonto). This ability would grant 100% stun to all hadrosaurs or hadrosaur hybrids (Dilorach, Tragod, Tuoro, Edmonto).

Option 3: All 75% stuns become 90%. Kind of straightforward, but the goal here is to reduce RNG, sure it can happen, but it should happen less than half of the time it currently does. Probably my least favorite option, but it’s better than what we’ve got.

Option 4: Buff stunning creatures (Dilo, Tuoro, Tragod) Attack/HP by 5-10%

Let me know your thoughts or if I’m just talking irrelevant BS.


This Forum is flooded with enough complaints. You don’t want to add more.

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Agreed, but there’s a difference between the 1000th post about how Dracocera is ruining the game (it kind of is, but thats another story) and a current mechanic which has been basically left behind the past few patches.
The new immunities and the buffs to immune dinos nerfed all stuns, so they should be evened out a bit.


Agreed, stunning dinos are just not that good in this patch.

I don’t really count on stuns any more than I do cloaks. They’re gamble moves that can change the tide of a battle.

I do get why anybody would want a more reliable stun as I would use a cloak more often if it was more than 50% reliable. Would you also have the ability to use two stun moves in a row removed? How about chompers like Allosinosaurus and Thoradolosaur, would it really be a good idea to raise their stun chance to 90% on their instant damaging stun moves?

Cloaks have always been 50/50 though, that is a gamble. They have been presented as such since they were introduced. Something that is 75% should be an expected outcome, but I do agree with what you’re saying to an extent. If you don’t modify stuns, at least buff stunning creatures a little bit to compensate.

As for your point about allosino/thor I covered that with my first 2 suggestions. My 3rd suggestion was a blanket one which I think would be the worst option. I think my second suggestion would be the best option (although you’d likely have to nerf paramoloch a bit as it would become very OP with 2 guaranteed stuns).

Cloaks have also been nerfed since they were introduced guaranteeing your opponent will hit you with either 33% or 100% damage. Unless you are faster than your opponent, the cloak will need to hold up for two hits. Even if the cloak is effective twice in a row (which there is only a 25% probability of happening) you still receive 66% damage.

A stunned dinosaur cannot attack so stuns stop 100% of the damage. Sometimes more than that when a dinosaur with counterattack is stunned.

Id honestly like to see a damage multiplier on a stunned target… like doing a rampage on a stunned target does 3x damage… might add to much to the rng and it wouldnt help against immunes but it would make stunnere capable of wrecking something they stunned.

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I know, the cloak nerf happened last patch and I benched indo because of it. Evasive stance is still a pretty bad move, but if you’re comparing stun to cloak, at least cloak doubles damage.

Regardless of cloak/dodge, stuns still need some love.

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maybe making them vulnerable for a turn? Interesting, but it would be very situational IE stunning something faster than you. Or are you saying that any time something is stunned, the following turn its vulnerable? Also interesting

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Agreed with the statement, but not with the options… Buffing stuns that much would make their users too OP against non-immunes and players would only go for immune teams even more… I believe what’s more important is to make some stun users better somehow (better stats or moveset), even if stuns aren’t buffed

I’ll add an option 4 of increasing attack/HP of stunning focused creatures (Dilo, Tuoro, Tragod) by 5-10%.

I think the first 2 options are both reasonable, stunning creatures still need to set up before they can stun. This would also not affect swaps, that would be too OP. Maybe option 2 can be an ability which increases likelihood of stunning by 15% or something like that

Sort of like a ferocious stun? Attack 1x and increase chance of stun 15% for two turns?

Or, Attack 1.25x and keep stun % the same?

I’m afraid that I’m in the opposite opinion. There are too many stun animals in the game and it makes games really dull. Stun can still be prevalent but the percentages need a drop not an increase.

Too many stun animals?

There’s currently 13 dinosaurs with Greater Stunning Strike/Impact/Rampage. 13 of 174 is 7.5%. Instant Charge adds in another 7 and acute stun adds 1 more. We’re up to 21 out of 174, 12%.
That doesn’t seem like too many in my opinion, but to each their own I guess.

With that there’s 7 dinos with immune to stuns and another 20 dinosaurs with full immunity, 27 total dinos. There are more dinos in the game which outright ignore all stuns than there are dinos with stunnning moves.

A drop in stun chance would surely render many endgame dinosaurs much less effective and would be a terrible idea.

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Stuns are only strong in early to mid game… in the late game when your running uniques and half of most players teams are immune to stuns they can be underwhelming.

Thor, utahsino, dilor,rinex are the only really stunners that see significant amount of play and its not the stuns their used for its their instant burst damage. Or dilor has a stunning rampage.

Monostego is falling off some… most used stun in the game could very well be acute stun via dracocera.

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Either maybe both. The nerfs to damage is a tad much on the sino, eino, monostego, stegocera.

But it was done to keep their swap ins in check and it does hurt their actual usage… giving them something even situation makes them more then just another kind of rat.

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I’m still seeing a lot of Monostego in the 5500 trophy range and to be honest, its still very powerful. When used as just a swap in or in conjunction with a hit and run it has proven to be very useful.

Rework - maybe.
Buff - no. Just no.

How about they do what they did with superiority strike? They made all slowing moves even across the board. How about making all stunning chances even? Swap in, instant, and regular move are all the same chance, and if you ask me, that should be 66%.

Otherwise I don’t really feel anything else needs to be done about it.

I wouldn’t mind all stunning moves being changed to 100%. They said they want to reduce RNG impact right? Why not stuns too?