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Its your opportunity to join a great alliance and improve your gaming experience

  • Maximum DNA opportunity from FIP
    We have got 3 L20 sanctuaries

  • Maximum weekly awards
    We are a consistent 10-10 alliance

  • Maximum championship awards
    We are a one of top tier alliance in the every tourney

  • Guidance and DNA donations
    We have a great team with players who help and guide each other for PvP/Tourney/Raids

  • Raids
    We track and try to help all the team mates to complete raids that includes 25+ members getting MortemRex DNA

Message me if you wish to make a positive change in the your gaming experience
Discord use is mandatory as we would like to communicate regularly and grow together as a team.


I’ve started playing this game a month ago and I’m currently almost lvl13 and 2674 in Lockdown Arena with 16-19lvl hybrids. I’m very active and go for darting DNA, drops, alliance missions and pvp in the arena.
I also try to help as much in the alliance with donating DNA.
I’m currently in pretty inactive clan and would love to join a clan that’s way more active.

My name is Mara #5627

Take care and have a nice day. Hope you’ll consider me.

Are you still available ?
If yes, then please ping on discord AKR#6477

we are currently full, will update if in case we need to add more