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I've about had it


Let me first say I love the game.

But I’ve just about had it with being stuck in the badlands. I get one, maybe two wins past it, then I get my head handed to me on a plate for like 10 battles in a row.

And why? Because they refuse to change how matches are made. I just lost 4 in a row… all to players 3 or 4 levels higher than I, with epics that had 3 to 5 thousand more hit points.

Just saying, this needed changed 3 months ago, and it still needs changed now


With all due respect… You cant expect to climb yet face dinos of the same level. As you go higher the opponents get tougher, you have to level to maintain. Everyone reaches beyond themselves then gets pulled back, its a part of the game, it means in order to stay at the next level youve got to level. Im playing level 30s every day and my top dino is 24, I barely stay afloat. That tells me that if I want to climb I have to put in the work.


My highest level dino is 23… and i face 27 and 30s way more often then I like but it means i need to level more of my team to really advance.

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You will always reach points where you get “stuck”.
I stayed in marshes for four months before I finally made it passed 4000 points, by that time they had changed arena so I pretty much skipped ruins.

However, I’ve been stuck around 3800-4200 points since late November. So I Yoyo between ruins and lockwood a lot.

I don’t have the time or money to invest in this game to level up dinos like I want. You have to invest a lot of one or the other to get in the higher arenas. The higher you get, the tougher its going to be.

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With all due respect, I didn’t say I didn’t want a challenge.

What I want is a fair fight. Not one where, battle after battle, there is literally zero chance of winning.

And when, like just now, my opponent has 7 of his 8 dinos at level 30 epics, that’s a zero chance


I’ve been stuck for a couple months. I finally had to get Indominus Rex OFF my team.


Exactly who are you fighting with 7 lvl 30 epics? I cant even think of 7 epics worth the coin to lvl them to 30…

Try posting your team lineup op maybe we can help with that

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Until they fix deranking, there will always be unfair matches.


3000 to 5000 more hitpoints??? U must be facing tanks 10 levels higher than u with a raptor…


That’s what happens. People get cheated in the matches by players with over-leveled creatures, just like me. It’s just not fair, anymore. Not fair. And another thing, I always lose more trophies and winning less. Why can’t things be fair for me? Honestly. I’m really mad right now. Really mad.:angry: And another thing: It’s like every time I’ve entered a match, there’s always Indoraptors, Indominuses and more of the same creatures I have, but several levels higher. I feel so cheated all of the time. This is just unfair. I’m disgraced.


Well they should eliminate deranking, because I’m tired of always losing.


Seems your trophy count is higher than it should, probably due to a spell of good RNG…


Thanks. I was doing great at Lockwood Estate until I got ruthlessly thrashed back down to Jurassic Ruins at 3935 trophies. What’s going on in this world?


Well, what you’re experiencing is not unique… At one point, I was in Aviary for a month or so, thinking I had consolidated my spot, then got kicked down to Ruins a couple of times… Now, I am in a similar spot with the leader board… Ranked for a couple of days, booted for a couple… Happens to all…

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honestly, i don’t remember the name. but obviously a paying player…


how do i get some of that good RNG? LOL


Just happens, bro… Goes in cycles… You’ll notice that you go down to as low as, let’s say, 4.9k trophies, then start climbing to as high as 5.2k, before you start dropping again… Your team deserves to be somewhere in between, i.e. between 5.0k and 5.1k trophies in this case…

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Yeah, I hear ya… I have been bouncing between Jurrasic Ruins and Sorna Marshes for a month. Every time I start to make some headway with my mid-levels I meet up someone who has a set of 23+ uniques. And hey, sometimes I am just stupid and toss a stun or distraction at something that I KNOW has immunity. D’oh! :roll_eyes: