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I've accepted the fact that Ludia sucks

Once you accept the reality that Ludia doesn’t give a rats ass about you or any other player - the major screw ups, unfair events, bait-and-switches, and whatever other baloney they peddle on a daily basis gets a little less annoying.

I just shake my head and carry on…


DILLY DILLY! DILLY DILLY to you my friend!

Even if you did wreck me in the arena and make me lose my composure for a few minutes.

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It happens. Boy do I know that it happens.

I can get a bit, um, “heated” myself. haha!

Ryker has been muted. So he can’t reply

In all fairness, there is one part of you they care a great deal about:

the part of your clothing that has the pocket where you keep your wallet is very important to them.


I had already assumed that. After seeing how the rat remains months and months it is hardly surprising that they now create an even worse rat in the form of Procerathomimus. What I’m not going to get used to is being robbed and the technical service insulting me.

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Discovering Ludia’s newest screw up has replaced the joy that finding a new dinosaur used to bring.

Damn! Why does it took you so long to understand that?

Jurassic World Ludia equivalent: Hoskins

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Ludia equivalents: Ken Wheatley & Eli Mills

Quite surprised your post isn’t closed yet by Flanders. Amazed the word sucks keeps on the title.

Not a problem for me. Sometimes things must be correctly addressed as you dis with this thread.

no, it seems they are very good.
with ALL THIS MESS in performance/reliability in this game, and doing almost nothing community asks…

…and we are still here playing, and many of us paying… i can say they are VERY GOOD, muahuahuahua! :japanese_goblin:

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