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I've been battling in this tourney, but I should be ranked

My 3500 trophies have apparently still not been counted for the tournament…
Here’s proof, also I should be rank 6. I have spent around 12 hours today battling, and in the bottom of the leaderboard where it’s supposed to show your rank on the left, then name, and then trophies, it says “Play in the Tournament to be ranked”. I need some help here.

You’ve been battling the AI and exploiting a bug to get to the top. Meanwhile other players don’t even have that option. I’m one of those.
But to answer your question, or concern, the tournament is clearly poorly executed with many bugs and glitches. You will probably have to wait until Monday until the developers do something about it regarding everybody’s issues.


battled about 33 real people as well

You should apply to join Apex Predators

DM one of their officers on these forums for more details.


You get ranked even from playing 1 battle… at one point yesterday when i started i was like 27k.

Are you ranked on the leaderboard? On normal ladder or do you recieve incubators from the tourney.

lol they do have 49/50 members

I am not ranked for normal battles as I have 4284 arena trophies (arena 9.)

for tourneys it should show your name+alliance and trophies (for tourney) where for me it says
“Play in the Tournament to be ranked”

all I know is my charlie crit a ton on pounce today - like 8 times I think lol

Im just saying you posted before you didnt get your seasonal tournament rewards… now you have an issue being ranked even though you should be.

Seems there is a decent chance your account has been flagged and you should discuss this with Ludia rather then keep posting it on a forum that already has the pitchfork out.


Emailed them just now, I’ll see if that helps.

I battled around 150 real people yesterday and was barely holding on to the 478 spot. I battled ZERO bots.

Maybe you’re game is buggy because, ya know… You’re not suppose to get points battling bots.



Not my fault that ai gives you trophies though, it’s Ludia’s…
plus, add 36 more people to the list, I have now battled 66 real people.

See the rules - so though not your fault, it is your fault you are cheating. As far as you not being ranked, I don’t know what to tell you… At this point I’d be surprised if something worked properly in 1.7.


how is “Asura023” in the leaderboard then, with 7000 trophies?

Here we go again :sleeping:

By exploiting the same bug you are… Just a lot more…


What you’re doing is cheating, period


Has Ludia announced it is a legit bug?

Lol I love how you guys didn’t know that when I started battling in this tourney the first 5 people I battled were real people, and this still ended up happening. It should have at least show that stuff in the bottom. :rofl:
@Tree_Fiddy you’re fine, but no I haven’t seen anything
@Baryonyx you’re fine too

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