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I've been kicked out of an Alliance but I keep getting notifications


So, I try my best to play but sometimes I have too much work or other stuff to do, and I understand that the kicked me out (i only noticed when I cheked my profile and I wasn’t in any alliance). But I keep getting notifications of members askibg for DNA… Like why? :frowning:


May be it glich, try restarting the game after clearing cache.

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“Why” is a very common question around here =)

If that keeps happening, I would try joining another Alliance

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I’ll try! Thank you! :smiley:


I actually made a new one myself, but i keep getting their notifications :frowning:

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That’s really weird… Got anyone in that Alliance of yours yet? Do you get notifications from both Alliances?


No :frowning: it’s just me xD
But I did cleaned the cache and I think it’s already fixed

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Join Virginia USA …we are a great alliance and we dont kick people out.

Virginia USA

Virginia USA

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This is a known bug. If you left an Alliance and joined a new one, you’ll get notifications from both. You can collect and donate DNA to both.

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Just keep requesting DNA and the former alliance members might still see your requests and donate to you, lol.


Didn’t know about that… Gonna ask the leader of my Alliance to kick me out :rofl:


Hey Denisse_Gcc, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re still looking into it. At the moment, restarting your game should bring up the correct notifications on your Alliance tab.

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Yeah! I did gave them just in case :stuck_out_tongue: thank you!


Cool! I will :smiley:


I did… And got nothing :frowning:


Cool! Thanks! :smiley: