I've been told to share something

Watching my 7yo nephew today and he wanted me to draw a dinosaur for him. So I drew this for him under his “guidance”. Lol
Irritater maybe?

He then wanted me to post it for you all to see since I take him dino hunting with me sometimes. Lol


the bar is now set for all the 7 year old nephews across this planet of ours.

hello from the interwebs!

He says hello!
He love watching me play and I let him dart type dinos sometimes.

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good, good! you need a keen and sharp eye so as not to lose those dinos in all that blue grass!

He’s asked me why it’s blue before and I couldn’t give him an answer since I don’t know. Lol

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Cos blue light is apparently bad for you (affects sleep) and Ludia really hate us :joy:

They just want us to stay up all night.