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I've been wondering

Since there are uniques that can bash through anything (armor, shields) - repeatedly and at high damage…

…why aren’t there any that are impervious to said bashing? Seems a bit lopsided if you ask me. Cloak and dodge kind of used to fill that niche, but, we all know what happened there.

I hope they have some immune shields or impenetrable armor in the works.


I always thought that was what Instant Invincibility and Long Invincibility was for. But they decided not to have it be that way, even if it makes sense. If they do decide to add shields that don’t break, then that would go a long way to balancing the game with its reliance on defense shattering moves.



It’s an idea I’ve thought about as well. I dunno. I’m not a huge fan - it’s a lot like being stunned 100% of the time but better (doesn’t just delay, can absorb a hit).

If they did this, I’d like to see stuns get some love. Right now they’re not reliable enough for me.

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so then no answer to the immune shield or impenetrable armor?

What do you mean dodge used to do it? It still does, it just isn’t completely broken anymore.

In any chase, I’d like to see a “reinforced shield” mechanic for endgame legendaries and uniques, which can only be broken by definite attacks.

absolutely no need for any of this…

Perhaps an instant shield that reflects back the damage it would recieve while making the user invincible for that turn, only thing that can conter it it being nullifying moves.

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If I remember correctly… It used to be like that.

In the early days Ankylocodon used to have long defense and you could only get rid of its shield with a Null attack. Its immunity made it impossible for trex and the like to break its shield with DS. People complained it was too OP and Anky got short shield and its shield could be destroyed by DS.

Maybe they should bring that back for select immune critters? :thinking:

ankylocodon needs to have more than 800 damage. It should be like 920 or 930



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If we are adding abilities, let’s add a reflect damage to those shields! That would give people on the forums a lot to write about. :wink:



isn’t purpose of distraction effect? shield and armor doesn’t help, then let’s distract.

well… except some bizarre dinos like magna that have distraction, nullify, defense shattering and is immune.

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While i dont think its a huge thing I wish defense shattering didnt exist like it does now… give chompers seperate shield destroying and armor piercing attacks… so there is some counter play.

Or make defense shattering more exclusive… maybe 1 ds move per dino…

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Or something like Allosinos set up.

That’s a really interesting idea. We could have separate shattering and AP attacks, but I think DS should still be a thing for certain dinos, especially ones like epic T-rex.
Another idea is attacks that go through shields, but don’t destroy them.
The only downside I can think of is there would be a lot of new attacks all of a sudden, which could get complicated, but they didn’t hesitate when it came to the varieties of precise attacks, so it’s probably not a problem.
Anyway, we could have:

Shattering attacks
(destroy shields and deal _x damage)

Piercing attacks
(deal _x damage, bypassing armour)

Defence-Piercing/Superior piercing attacks
(deal _x damage bypassing shields and armour)

Defence-Shattering attacks
(destroy shields, deal_x damage bypassing armour)

And there would be strikes, impacts, rampages and precise versions of each of those.
Thoughts ?

I’m sure they will both be available in the store very soon!

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It wasn’t broken before. Nerfing dodge made dinosaurs built around it pointless.


How about an exploding shield. It can be broken but causing damage to the attacking dino.


Tell that to my rinex who only wins against erlidom only 50% of the time thanks to cloak.

Old dodge was stupid. It reduced the entire battle to a diceroll. Even if you did everything right, you would still lose to dodge. Broken and not healthy for the game, and I applaud Ludia for balancing it.

Why call it dodge then when you don’t dodge?

It wasn’t broken before, there would just be a few games where rng said that you weren’t going to hit through a cloak/ dodge.
It worked as intended. So many people pay more attention to the bad than good, so you only notice the few times your dodge didnt work as intended or the enemy dodges everything.

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