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Last night I was #85 or so, at about 5200 trophies, where I had clawed my way back up to a few days ago and had been fluctuating between 5000 and 5200. It was pretty much where I was before the reset. Then, yes, I have fallen victim to excessive rng bad luck. Massive. I am now #488 at 4700. None of my dinos dodge, nothing stuns, nothing crits… and it seems like everything else does! I used to be one of those “the rng is ok” people - when it seemed somewhat balanced, I won some, I lost some. Now though…

This is just ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what I do. It feels like I’m being punished or something.

Hopefully things turn back my way over the next 24 hours, because the last 24 have been brutal.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I can battle RNG is to over-level the heck out of everything just so that my poor dinos can get beaten about to survive long enough to hit back (with no crits) :joy: And of course, over-leveling often require spending, I’m seeing a pattern here. RNG may not be so RNG after all because it means possible money for the company if some players do get desperate enough

Edit to Add: I’m sitting out until this stupid tournament is done, then I target Lockwood.


I feel you. Hate to say it but, welcome to the club! Grab a chair, get comfortable, because you might be here for a while.

The bar is located in the back, cigar lounge is in the middle!

Sorry that happened to you, but glad others are seeing it.

Something is wrong.


Every fight i have have to today seems to have been settled by rng. I won one where my opponents dinos were 5 levels higher than any of mine but i got so many crits that i was 2-0 up and by the time it was 2-2 all i had to do was land one hit.
I have also lost so many due to cloak 1 dino each with any health left and it comes down to a dodge
It is infuriating because you can climb trophy count only to be knocked down by rng.
Admittedly monomimus has not had much luck against me today, i havent lost one dino to one,its indom thats been causing my problems.

I’m telling you… this is my life. I had to set a rule for myself. If i lose twice in a row, i need to stop battling. At a certain point it’s not even the RNG, it’s me raging and making dumb mistakes, using the wrong counter move once or not thinking through the next swap in.

Honestly, the things that cause the biggest swings are dodge chance and crit chance. I don’t know a game on the planet that allows 50% miss rate for any duration of time. And I don’t know a game on the planet that allows 20% crit chance, or 40% or 50%. It becomes something you need to count on in order to play logically.

Just consider the most common RNG issue. Stegodeus versus Indoraptor. If Stego uses Thag, APR, SS (the best combo for that match), and indo uses Evasive, DSR, CI, – Indo has a 75% chance of winning that match every time. It only needs to dodge either the Thag or the APR to have enough health to take the SS and survive. And yet, how often do you actually see indoraptor get hit twice through cloak and drop dead?

For me? Happens so often that I barely consider Indo a good counter for Stegodeus. I’d rather use something like Magnapyrrator and hope for a 20% crit but know I’m gonna get two hits off than gamble on a 50/50 cloak.

I mean think about that. A 75% chance to win, and still everyone hesitates to open with indo or even use Evasive just because you HAVE to dodge at least once to make the move worthwhile. It’s silly.


Well said. Any chance next time you visit Ludia (you in the general metahub sense) can you get their opinion on this?

Definitely on the list of things to discuss! Both my personal list, and one I’ve brought to the metahub team! :slight_smile:


Awesome, ty :slight_smile:

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I have sorted out a list how they can nerf you:
1, RNG
2, bad matchup
3, four team trolls
4, disconnection
5, endless waiting time
Heil Ludia


Same here.

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Also, all the nerf talk should actually be “fix RNG” talk.


The same rng that decides the games is the same rng that gives us irritator gen 2 in almost every incubator…its the same rng that when i get 2 epics out of an 8 hour incubator 8/10 times its raja despite the fact im in sorna. I feel like Im being fed raja over and over again because my ank is level 13.

Definitely. Also the same RNG that keeps my Monomimus (the handful of times she gets picked) from dodging and the same RNG that has me against a level 23 Utarinex that stun and crit almost every turn :frowning: I also got fed a lot of Raja dna too, i don’t even want to dart her anymore and that’s saying a lot :joy:


I’ll just leave this here…


Love all the thoughtful comments, and definitely think something needs to be done.

So that’s why I am able to stay alive above 4500 cups without indoraptor, 1 Thago and 1 APR kills a one level lower indoraptor. :joy::joy::joy:

The most RNG part is match making. If I get matched with a person at 4800+ trophies, I’m done. On the other hand, if I get matched with a person at 4200 or below, I will be like :grin::grin::grin:

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For me it’s if I see it’s just my Tryostronix along with no nullifying dinos in my deck, I’m done :joy_cat:

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I’m basically giving up on 4250 at this point! I can climb as high as 4150 and get loss after loss after loss to terrible players only because my stubs and frits never work! Losing to a 2 level lower indominus that had 1500 left and my cloak fails! And his succeeded and he killed me! It was 2-2 and he had nothing left and I had a fully charged indominus as well as a full health trago and lost!