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I find that when faced with rng issues as in the other teams get everything to work in their favor, most people then lean on rng to try and turn it around. In other words when you lose 6x due to all their cloaks/stuns/crits working, you tend to try and get yours to work more. So I adjust this by using cloak/stun/crit Chance dino less and never cloaking or going evasive. Typically turns it around for me.

Not saying it is good to do, just that it works for me. Relying on sheer luck of the draw and damage only. Not one bit on the luck of my moves. That drops the luck down to wether or not they pull of the %chance items. Seems to nullify (lack of a better term there) their chances some.

Jumped back up to 4800 just battling for incubators that way from 4500 yesterday morning.

Side note: I personally cringe when I do feel backed into a corner and have to hit my evasive/cloak attribute. I feel like I waste a turn every time. It may dodge for you. But if it doesn’t, you lost an opportunity to do some damage. Just how I see it.

Do hope the luck turns around for you though.

Your trago should have been the one in there so he could of long invincibility when irex cloaked. Yes the rng killed your indom. But you could have prevented that loss by not letting the game come down to rng.

Its like the other day i was playing against a guy who had alanky at half health… but a full health stegogod out… i desperation cloaked. He thagged and apr… game was his to lose and he decided the better option was to flip two coins and see if he gets a win.

I have defended RNGs inclusion many times but I so think it needs some looking at, the problem is I dont think its random. I think it knocks you back from time to time intentionally, we’ve all had streaks where it all goes against you… You opponent NEEDS a crit and lands it, your dodge fails 4 times while theirs gies 6/6. I was at 4500 3 days again and got knocked down to 4100 by multiple opponents who landed crits over and over, failed stuns and dodges, got stunned twice by min stun. I dont think it will change because I think it is doing exactly what it is told to do


It’s official RINGDICULOUS is now the word to use to describe just how bad a game is allowed to deteriorate to an almost unplayable level…I would like to give a special thanks to Ludia for putting RINGDICuLOUS in the gaming vocabulary with without their outstanding help in demonstrating how RINGDICULOUS really works at its best…This word may have never been discovered and added in it’s rightly due place…Thank you again Ludia :wink:

I don’t think it would have worked because his indominus was ready to use his big 4 time shot so if I swapped for trago he would have one shot it before I would have been able to go invincibility!

My only chance was a indominus Hail Mary but RNG failed and he one shot me

Actually I’m not that sure it’s just bad RNG though… I too got smashed down 500 trophies last night… I think a more explanatory reason might be ‘more people are playing at certain times’ so people keep getting pushed down. I could do absolutely nothing last night so shrugged my shoulders and came back to it later, however this morning I’ve already very easily climbed back up 200 trophies so far. So I guess that’s how it goes then, just play at different time from the nerd herd.