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I've discoverd a glitch and it's a good one

I found a little yet very useful glitch you can keep searching for what ever dragon you last searched for after an event has ended as long as you don’t use toothless in defend berk or send him training or click on search if you just click on him and resend every time a search has finished if you don’t click anything else you can just keep searching I discovered this after the night light pouncer search event ended I’ve continued to search for her as soon as it ends and I think you can just keep doing it and I’m surprised if both works and no one else has discovers this leave a comment if you have found this glitch as Well or if you just want a little more info on it I’ll respond to every comment

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There will be the slight mistake every now and then I can’t figure out how to turn autocorrect off and it messes with how i type

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Thanks for the heads up, now this glitch will get fixed since you brought it to their attention.


Damn that wasn’t my intention I was just wondering wether anyone else noticed it and thought it could be helpful that’s a little annoying especially since it helps to get unique dragons u can’t get while searching events without spending runes

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