I've done it! Dino Bucks Millionaire!

Hi Everyone! I have finally done it!! I am a dino bucks millionaire!! I’ve been playing this game since May 2018, and I’ve been hoarding dino bucks ever since. This was a long term goal I had because I wanted to see how long it would take to save up this many bucks while using bucks very sparingly. I never subscribed to VIP, Fidelity, or anything else that would inflate bucks. I was able to do this through legit gameplay!!

I’m pretty excited, so I wanted to share with you all that it is possible! The last time I was active on the forums was around November 2019, and at that time @Tommi and I were discussing how cool it would be to have a million bucks, even though we would not even know what to do with them (@Tommi , would love to know how you’re coming along and if this is still a goal of yours).

As irony would have it, since I have been playing the game for 3.5 years, I actually have a very minimal use for bucks now hahaha! I have all the dinos that are not VIP (yes, I did wait a week for each one of those god forsaken 7day hatch timers to complete), so the utility of having so many bucks is not that great, but a fun milestone to hit nonetheless!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their dino adventures!! Now it’s time to create a new goal for myself… any ideas?


Meanwhile me: 300 DB


Should have burned all of that 2 weeks ago during the crazy discounts


Thats a lot of effortt, congrats, @vennellok

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New Goal:Dino Bucks Multi Millionare.
Get 2mil DB

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Care to show a picture of the line you built in that time?


Welcome back to the forum ! Congratulations on the impressive amount of DB :partying_face:

Congratulations that is an awesome display of patience.

New goal suggestions,

level 40 of every purchasable creature as quickly as possible (which would require you to spend your bucks)

A full paddock of any one single VIP creature (9 lvl 40, 1 lvl 30, 1 lvl 20, and 1 lvl 10).

Level 40 of every creature not as quickly as possible but including all VIP creatures (would require you to play the prize drop with DB to get the Diamond prize wheel at chances for some of the 50k creatures.

Just a few off the top of my head.


Piece of cake. It’s the first million that is the hardest!


Yeah, one you might not like :rofl:

Bring it all the way to zero(joking)


Congratulations @vennellok , this is amazing.
To answer your question, this was never a serious goal that I had. I loved to see a lot of bucks on my account but at some point I realised that the game is about other things and that I have more fun in achieving goals like collecting game creatures than collecting bucks. I spent more than 200,000 bucks in the last months to get a level 40 of each tournament legendary and continued to spend bucks for other goals I have, like having at least 8 copies of every creature in the game. My amount of bucks varies between 180,000 and 200,000 since then and I’m not planning to collect them beyond this figure, at least not on purpose.
You did a great job and showed a lot of patience, but maybe you neglected some other key features of the game by doing so. On the other hands it’s wonderful if that is what brings you joy in the game. Continue to do whatever is fun for you.


Congrats man! I’m just chilling at 120k Dbs