I've faced my last

That’s it. I faced my last 7000 hp, 2900 strike damage thor.

I’m dropping and likely never to climb again - unless something gets done.

But I’ve played this game for a year and know that ludia is too focused on maximizing profits, instead of maybe sacrificing a little income to actually make the game good again.


I’d love to face those. It’s much worse facing fully boosted teams. I’d eat that team alive



Must be fun… such a strategic challenge. :man_facepalming:


It actually hasn’t helped any. Down 100 trophies today to 4750. I actually still prefer playing the faster dinos like erlid and magna. Didnt buy any boosts today. Not enough free bucks saved.

I wish I had that many coins… Would be able to level up my best

Just keep saving them for a while. That’s all I did.

I just believe the way to make the hardworking players still paying off their effort would be to change LEVEL go first rather than SPEED.
In this case higher lvl players with all the hardwork still has the advantage…
If lvl same then SPEED will decide.

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Save them up, but they go quick at higher levels.

Had over a million at one point, now just half a million or so.

Pro tip: Don’t over level and don’t bother with useless dinos.