I've finally got her


Thanks to a fortunate detour on the way home from work, I’ve finally got my Stegoceratops. So can I join the cool club now? :yum:

The thing is, realistically, it might be a while before I use her. I’ve never had much interest in the arena nor am I all that keen on the whole hybrid thing (a personal gripe of mine). I’m honestly having more fun walking around darting dinos and completing strike towers. I reckon I’d also enjoy the friendly battles too if only the other people I know with this game weren’t so interested in playing with zombies and children.

Still, at least I won’t be swearing at inanimate objects everytime I score a 10 on a fusion attempt for a while. :joy:


Oh well done! Nothing better when you’ve tried so hard to get one and you can finally create it :blush:


Way to go! Now it’s your turn to be a stunner! :ok_hand:


Cool, you need her at a higher lvl tho, it can be an absolute beast if used correctly and at a high enough lvl and it’s fairly easy to get dna from it, I’ve even got mine to lvl 17


Excellent! Stegocera’s such a perfect dino, you’re gonna have a blast using her! Super reliable tank and stunner.


Yay!!! I was so excited when I first got her too!! She’s definitely still one of my favorite dinos!!! Congrats!!


Congrats my you stun in piece :tada::v:t6:


So I thought I’d post an update. I decided to battle in the arena for a bit and managed 4 battles before getting bored and going off to do something else. I managed to get the Stegoceratops in one of the battles and I can honestly say, I’ve never laughed so much during a battle. 3 consecutive stuns - the 75%, the 33% and the 10%. I was only hit once after using Slowing Impact. I am aware that this is just one of those RNG flukes but she’s definitely earned a spot on my team if only for comedic value. :smile:

Now all I have to do is find more Triceratops. :expressionless: