I've got 99 problems, and a beach IS one

Directly from the 2.3 patch notes:

"In order to lower matchmaking time for top players, all players in Arena 13 can now be matched together, regardless of their trophy difference.

Players at the lower end of Arena 13 can still occasionally be matched with lower Arena players, depending on how many other players are available in Arena 13 at that time. However, matchmaking within the Arena is prioritized over matchmaking based on trophy count for players in Arena 13."

This is a disaster. There are no other words to describe this. I’m constantly getting matched up with players THOUSANDS of trophies higher than me. Serving up lower beach players to top tier players like lambs to the slaughter is not a viable solution to their long wait times. It is unbalanced, unfair, and NOT fun. It is the perfect recipe for frustration, and is doing more harm than good. This will either A) have these players quit all together, and you’ll have no more lambs to sacrifice. Or B) these frustrated players will just drop to lower arenas, causing a greater imbalance to trickle down. Regardless, top tier players will be back to square one with longer wait times.

It’s better to have 50% of your matches go to an AI, with the other 50% being mostly fair matchups, than to get instant match ups that you’re predestined to lose 90% of the time. This is broken, short sighted, and needs to be fixed immediately.

This is the equivalent of bringing a butter knife to a sawed off shotgun fight, yet rewards for winning are the same for both players. Just mind numbingly stupid. I love my fellow alliance mates Practicekat, and IDGT, but I should never be paired up against them until I’ve ranked up to their level.

Change. it. back.



So, I think that something absolutely needed to be done with matchmaking, as someone in the top of the leaderboard, I have had to wait and wait for matchups only to be forced to battle AI and not be able to gain trophies and it’s just not fun. That said, This was NOT the solution. In my opinion, the first minute wait should search for opponents closer in rank to match up with. After the first minute it can expand the search to those in the top 500 or some other reasonable parameters. It should not instantly connect me with a player at 6069 trophies while I am at 8k+( which just happened). I feel terrible and I apologize to all the teams that I have slaughtered due to this poor matchmaking.


Yep. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I, with my 6009 trophies, would rather fight AI almost every battle than get matched to someone with 10,000+(!) trophies or even someone in the 7000s. Even though we all have level 30s, there is a vast difference between our teams thanks to boosts.

There are only 1200ish people in the shores right now, so my chance of getting matched to someone way out of my league is high. I actually haven’t won a battle there yet; I keep bouncing between gyro and shores.

PracticeKat was my very first battle yesterday. LOL
I won’t be quitting because I’m sure it will get fixed, but Gyro is my temp solution for now.
It’s bad enough that I’m expecting it to be a rather quick fix.
But well, Ludia.
So who knows.

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Welcome to the club.
I hit 6K trophy,now every 4 days,i redrop to 5k trophy until i reach 6k.
You will see,dropping is fun.We get used to it.

I think after a couple of weeks this pushes those lower-tier players out of the beach and the beach becomes a bit more playable yes it pushes everyone down but something had to be done for the people above and honestly Shores were meant for the upper upper echelon and a lot of people get peeked into it including myself who isn’t even Fielding a team of all level 30s

This is exactly what’s been happening in library and even aviary but then it’s not called slaughter it’s called “fun aspect”… Ludia doesn’t understand that as long as they allow players to drop more than one arena the push down will continue. First they all came into library so lower levelled players fell to aviary. Then matchmaking in library took ages as all avoided it except for those “having some fun” so that group dropped to aviary. Now there’s not a decent match available in aviary so you either get matched up with “lvl 30 fun seekers” or the match times out. My second account just made lockdown and faced Thor’s, Erlidominus and overly boosted Allosinosaurus… the problem keeps shifting downwards because some are convinced they’re entitled to have fun, grind incs and get quick matches … and nobody does anything against it.

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I still don’t get it why there is still no higher rewards for upper aviary.
Its 360 coins and still the same incubators in aviary/lockwood/gyro and Nublar.
give us motivation to go higher and moreover:
Create at least 2 new arenas: 6000-6500 and 6500-7000
people like me totally don’t care about the seasons reward

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This change won’t really achieve much though and it doesn’t address the real issue. The issue is there isn’t enough players at the top and Ludias answer to this was to allow players like yourself to be matched with top players.

We’re talking about an arena that has a very small population already and the effects of this change is gonna equal less players in the arena by either players being pushed down normally or players deciding to drop out of shores. Once you have less players match making is going to take longer.

The only real long term solution is to get a larger percentage of the player population up the ladder.

Adding new arenas just takes us back to square one where the top players having to wait between matches and getting ai half the time. Ludia will open up match making for two arenas and we will be right here again.

This isn’t the first time Ludia has taken this approach they opened up avairy match making back when it was the top arena… then added three new arenas to fix that match making.

But without addressing the real issue… that the bulk of the player base is in sorna/ruins/ and avairy. These kind of fixes and just bandaids that fall off.

Isnt “the top” a narrow field by definition though? I think all they can do is move the problem front to back then back to front. I keep saying please just accept matchmaking and I get flamed yet for the 2nd time here we are

Season resets are a big part of the problem. They are an artificial progress block. Sometimes if you have bad matching luck or get stuck below teams that are technically worse than yours but that you’re not optimized to fight (the faster Thors of Library, for example), you can stay hundreds of trophies below where you “should be” for weeks. If Ludia just left things alone, those of us in high gyro would stay in high gyro and break into shores every so often instead of being shoved back to fight Library people every month.

Over time it should get better as a game ages, not still being a problem. Their is always a cost to being at the top in ladder based progression games and that cost is que times.

But that should naturally improve as the game goes on. 2 years in and the player base as a whole is not progressing at a fast enough rate which is why Ludia is trying to constantly tinker with match making at the top to make it better. It should be naturally better by now.

To give some comparison back a few years ago 9% percent of clash royales playerbase was below 4K trophies. Right now only 5% of jwa playerbase battles above library. And that 5% is spread between three arenas. More players exist is clash royales 4600-4900 arena then jwa had battle in all the arenas combined last season and that’s the issue.

We’re not gonna get more players so Ludia has to get more players up the ladder. That’s the only thing that will fix match making. These tweaks don’t address the core issue. And all create their own issues that then have to be fixed.

Edited to add:
This change also now makes being number one less about how you perform against your peers and more about how many matches you can get against bottom of the ladder.

Another day. Same experience. Almost all opponents are 100s and in some cases 1000s of points above - after instant match making.

@Jmoost you should not be sorry. This is all on Ludia. The players are not to blame.
I enjoy facing the great battlers, but not all the time. Match making should first search for better match up’s, and 30/30 must go. Great wins deserve great rewards.