I've got a decision to make

Basically, I have a level 40 Diplosuchus. It sells for 158k DNA. I have a level 20 Indominus Rex Gen 2 and 18k DNA already. I could sell my best amphibian and first superhybrid and get Indoraptor Gen 2, or I could just save up and wait a bit. What do I do?

I would never sell my best amphibian. And in general I would never start to sell any creature before I have a balanced, deep and strong lineup for every event and tournament.


Indos are based off Velociraptor SDNA, not basic DNA used for any non-Super Hybrid.

Are you talking about selling them to buy Indoms to get a L40 Indom, to then evolve it into an Indo?

If so, I would just wait. You are essentially losing a great mid game Amphib, just for another carnivore. Yes an army of Indos is a good investment, but not at the cost of any other class being sacrificed.

Unless you are drowning in amphibs, I wouldn’t do it. Soon enough you will acquire enough DNA to get enough copies of Indom to be able to fuse Indo, but there isn’t really any to rush that.


How is your lineup by the way? You say it’s your first superhybrid.

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I mean that the Diplosuchus was my first Superhybrid. I have 4 lv20 Indoraptors, a level 30 and a level 20 Monostegotops, a level 20 Spinotasuchus, Gorgosuchus, etc.

I did mean DNA for Indominus Rex Gen 2.