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I've hit a wall. A few thoughts on where to go?

Has anyone else experienced this? I have all of the Legendary Dragons,Max Population, 105k fights, everything upgraded…

The game has been very entertaining but lately I’ve been getting bored because of the lack of challenge.


  1. Team Element/Competition… I have never used Facebook so I play as a guest but if I could fight against other players,I would love to see what happens when fighting a real person. I would also find it fun to help lead/participate within a team.

  2. Add Arena past 7.( Once youhave fought enough battles where you no longer get a “reward” it’s pretty boring(Excluding Champion Packs, the Maximum amount of for Dragons in a 24 hour period, without paying, is capped at 188( I’m aware that it’s possible for 210 but it doesn’t happen -based on 4000 completed battles) While a million fish/ wood may seem like a lot when first playing,it’s less than 30 seconds of what I can collect.
    What about additional layers? Increase from 10 pts.

  3. Hybrid Dragons… Allow players to do something so they can create Dragons( make it so you gain/lose advantages?)

I know there are a lot of great ideas that have been suggested but I am genuinely bored after achieving so much​:sleeping::sleeping:


I’m just about to unleash the Shellfire in 1-2 week’s time, otherwise I’m focusing on getting the dragons I’m still missing: collections (all dragon riders are off on journeys to get items); premiums (Toothless’ 200M wood Journey); limited time explorations/collections with Toothless when I don’t have the dragon (which is getting ever more rare). I’m destroying 20-30 fleets a day to spend wood in the hopes of getting runes (as I already have 200k gears and very few defender collections to complete). And always training, training, and training some more dragons (74 at level 134 right now, with more on the way constantly). Still many months off from the 300k trophies reward in Brawl.

With nearly 3 statues at level 5 for crews of level 134 dragons with already excellent gathering stats, it’s sometimes hard to actually SPEND all those resources - yes even iron. The half price training events are now meaningless for me. I’m HAPPY when Stormfly’s Journey asks me to spend 750M resources on an item.

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I had the same thought to brawl against other players instead of guests. It would be fun.

I’d be excited to breed dragons. If we could breed dragons to develop favorable traits, it could be a game changer for everything from food - wood - iron production, to defense and brawling. If it was implemented in a thoughtful way, being able to breed dragons could evolve almost every aspect of the game. If we could trade dragons with other players for other dragons or collection items, it could create an amazing new social (cooperative) aspect to the game. If we could also brawl with other players, then it could also create another (in this case a competitive) social aspect to the game.

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This is a very good way of explaining why I think Hybrid Dragons would be a “game-changer”! I’d like this comment 1000000 X if I could.

LUDIA - Please Listen to @TySmith. Great Idea- :100:

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Not sure how I would feel about hybrid dragons, depends on what abilities they got I suppose In defence of that idea though and as in real life, we don’t all stick to dating or marrying people of our own race, colour etc. There are many, mixed marriages. So who is to say that an Armourwing and a Razorwhip might not get together or a gronkle and a hotburple or even a dramillion and a Singetail? Mother Nature changes up things all the time, or we wouldn’t be here ourselves. So it may be worth a try.