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I've lost all respect for the Top Alliances

And all that have been exploiting the AI in this tournament.

I’ve been battling real people for the last six hours making little to no progress, getting more and more angry the more I looked at the leaderboard. Because, of course you’re alliance is at the top.

I’ve been wondering for hours what I’m doing wrong in the matches I’ve actually stayed connected in. Was my playing style that bad? Did rng hate me that much?

I don’t expect to win, but I wanted to at least be in the top 500 in a fair tournament.

Then I was asking myself what exactly you all where doing to raise in ranks so much. Where you all somehow battling each other and one of you throws the match? Did you pay someone off to get a head start? Did you all find a way to counter the rng? Among other things.

Then I find out everyone at the top has been battling bots and getting trophies off of them.

Absolutely disgusting

I’m trying to wrap my head around why you all would do this. Most of you were so against the event Legion of Storm won because of their under handed tactics, and then you all turn around and do this. How is it no different?

Please explain, because quite honestly, I can’t even begin to express how angry I am right now.

What is the point in even trying to play fair in this game anymore?

Side Note
Ludia should of fixed the match making problems and bugs in this tournament before it was even released. That still doesn’t give you an excuse to do what you have done though.


I’m also officially done with this Tournament. I’m not stooping to their level.

I’m just going to be frustrated at the normal battles now. Been neglecting them all day anyway.


I had a busy day today and didn’t see all this “news” until just now.

The tournament has been tainted and it’d be a waste to join now.

Disappointed and Darn* shame.


I’m having a bit of a slow day at work tonight and have been playing at every opportunity. I only found out about this exploitation when @Wilshire1966 mentioned it on our alliance Chat.


It’s a shame, cause i was fascinated by the idea when ludia came up with this whole no hybrids tournament, and the battles I could play I really enjoyed them. I hope they fix this issue and the connection errors, it’ll be a great tournament in the future


I would love another tournament like this. You and I had so much fun prepping for it yesterday. Its such a nice refresher compared to the normal arena.

Once again, Ludia failed at fixing their problems. :confused:


I know I’m playing some more battles just to enjoy the new bird and cat battling :blush:

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It’s the same old broken system. It’s kind of hard to put that on folks that went in gung ho then found themselves getting bots and getting points pints from them. What were they supposed to do, stop and let everyone catch up? It’s not those that played by the structure given that messed this up it’s the structure provided that’s flawed.


I agree. I had fun in my few battles so far but I was never going to avoid sleep for two days to compete anyway. The idea is sound but it needs some work for how it’s scored.

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It’s not “getting bots” it’s choosing bots for trophies they didn’t earn. You choose to fight the bot…


What? It’s nothing like that. Check the other thread you’ll find mark admitting he exploited this cheat.
They chose bots


And? It’s an offer bot. It should be zero trophies under the new competitive tourney rules but for the non competitive tourney that appears to not be the case. It’s bad planning.

Yeah. No. They weren’t being forced to fight bots, they were willingly doing so to get easy wins and attain easy trophies with guaranteed 0 disconnects. That is an exploit. Cheat codes are a thing in games, programmers added them intentionally, but they’re still “cheats”. According to Ludia exploits are cheats and its not fair to people who were playing legit. Bad planning or not they CHOSE to take advantage of an exploit. There is no defending their actions when they knew it was against the rules.



No better than spoofers or hacks. Thanks for sucking the fun out of competition.

Ludia, ban them from the next tournie for exploiting.


But they chose bots because of all that. It’s not an exploit it’s something that shouldn’t be offered for those reasons but is. It wasn’t an exploit for the 8 months it was part of the game either. The point is this isn’t on the players using it. It’s on the terrible planning.

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Found the perfect meme for this!
@Slogokok34 this is for you man. Lol

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No. It is still an EXPLOIT. AI are not suppose to give trophies, period. They KNEW that and instead of reporting it they used it to their advantage to get to the top of the tournament leaderboards. THAT is cheating by taking advantage of an exploit. Also the “battle AI” option is not available for everyone making it even more of an exploit.


What are you talking about dude? There’s a big sing next to the choose AI button saying “trophies will not be rewarded for playing against AI”.
They found out that there’s a bug and that you actually get the trophies and they exploited it for their benefit.
That’s cheating



It doesn’t give trophies it’s a medal competition. If that’s the proof it’s not an intentional bug then not changing that wording appears to take in the bottom 50s of things Ludia messed up this week

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