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I've lost my guest account for the 2ND TIME!

I am spitting mad. I lost my first guest account about 1.5-2 months ago. I spent ALOT OF $$$. I decided o.k. let’s start again see if I can do things differently, yeah, the part hurt. Started a new account about a month ago. Things were great! Yes, spent a lot of money. Now THAT account is gone!!!! Please reset it and give me a credit for the I’ve spent on BOTH accounts.

You need to log in with FB or something else to prevent this from happening.

I do. Thank you for your comment. Doesn’t help though.

I just want my account back. It sucks to have spent sooo much money on both of my guest accounts and have it be gone AGAIN!!!

If you’re account is “guest” then you’re not linked with Facebook, Google, or Apple.

Otherwise this will keep happening.

It’s my second account. I try to log in on my main account. I have played 2 accounts for about a year. I lost my first (second) account to an upgrade. I lost my second (second) account to an upgrade. Just tried to see if it had possibly been returned but no. They started me over for the 4th time. Quit telling me the obvious. I’ve played 2 accounts for at least a year. NEVER had a problem until 1.5 months ago! I want my Account back!!!

So you’re saying that either Google or Facebook are conncted like so:

It doesnt say “Guest”?

If its just linked to your phone, you’re going to lose the info of the game when you upgrade to a new one.

Your gonna need to create either a 2nd google account or a 2nd facebook account to link to your 2nd account… if your main account is linked to both your google play and facebook account then your 2nd account needs a different google or facebook account to link to otherwise its linked to nothing cause you cant have two accounts linked to the same google or facebook.

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