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I've not seen any Baryonyx for a while so I bought an Epic scent


ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND still no Baryonyx spawns by that scent.

there were some Darwins and Brachios… Oh hear me, it’s not the best part yet! just after that Epic scent effect wore off around 10 minutes, I found 2 Baryonyx spawns near each other.


Darwin and Brachio are great, but I didn’t intend to use Epic scent just to get those. yeah, i’m so happy to finally get 2 Baryonyx but would be more happier if I didn’t have to spend 1000 bucks just for something that didn’t work out for what I really want…

oh well, I want to kick myself on that time somehow. I should have more a little long patience

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I want to get some Darwin myself…I’m holding myself back more and more after reading more stories like this.


I bought scent because Baryonyx is Global spawn, so I had a little high hope to get some of them tho.

as for Darwin, I don’t want to encourage you to buy scent but if I were you I would have bought 1 or 2 scents (If I reeeally want some darwins and reeeally have a lot of bucks to spend) since Darwin is a freaking Park spawn.