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I've noticed something recently


Many people that use cance- excuse me, Dracog2, have ZERO skill. They only have as many trophies as they do because they are exploiting how broken Dracog2 is.

I’ve battled about 8 people today using the stupid thing and only one actually seemed to be somewhat intelligent (I say that because you’re not smart using that abomination), the others didn’t know how to utilize the rest of their dinos. I just battled someone who could of easily won, their Dracog2 took out two of my dinos before I could kill the stupid thing and all I had left was a half dead indo and my trusty Ankylocodon. They had a 3/4 health Tuom, a 1/4 health Spinota and an unknown dino left. Indo kills the spinota(they used Wound instead of crit) , they pull out Tuom, I switched to Anky. I got it down to 1016 health, my Anky had 460 behind a shield. They probably could of killed it if they did impact and run to bring out their fresh dino.
They didn’t, they used SS…

You had it in the bag and you could of won.
I wouldn’t put it down as a fluke either, I see it ALL the time with Dracog2 users.

Am I the only one that sees this?


put something with pinning strike on your team. DG2 will hit you once, but you can pin it and destroy it and it won’t get two of your dinos. :slight_smile:


I actually want to do that , however my Raja and Meg aren’t high enough level yet. They’re at 17 and 18, most of my team is level 20-22 and the ONLY lvl 18 I sometimes put on my team is Monosteg.
If I can get my Meg to lvl 19, I might put it on my team so it can pin the sucker down since its faster than it and hits harder than the Raja.


Out of the last 5 times it’s been used against me, 3 times it didn’t kill the dino I had out. Twice it got one-shot by my dino they used it on in the same turn they swapped. Like, they came right into DSR and it never did more than the SIA damage. I might have thought that was a tactic to save the dino they swapped out of, but neither time they brought it back out. shrug Gonna be a lot of free wins when that thing gets nerfed.

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I’m waiting for that day and if anyone complains about it, I’ll straight up laugh at them.
If its low enough level, my Pyrri can normally one shot it. If its above lvl 17 though, it can’t anymore. :frowning:

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Skilled players would usually use Draco2 as the finishing blow, or to swap out a bleeding dino. Once I unlocked Thor it was goodbye Draco2. Got a true DSR machine now. But D2 was fun for a while.

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I cant wait to get Thor.


DracoG2 usually only gets me when the opponent saves it for the end game, and of course, if it’s at a really high level maybe… But if he sends it in the middle of a battle, to finish off my first or second dino, I can usually use that to my advantage and turn things in my favor, even without a pinning move.


I outplayed draco g2 tactic earlier today, it was so predictable he was going to switch to it to finish me off. Switched to a fresh dino to take the hit and finish the draco and him off. It felt so good :smiley:

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Haha you got me.

It is annoying to be "rexed " granted but it’s also fun to “rex” people. I run a team with it in mind that I will have to fight against people who will solely depend on him.

You can tell some one is depending on him pretty easily after the first time.

I would go on but this topic and all tactics pros and construction etc concerning “rexing” have been discussed “ad nauseam”


We rationals work on balancing our team at the finest. This goal shall not be intervened by some no-brainers in Ludia HQ who came up with a SIA that absolutely has no counter for it. I’m very tempted to see how will they draco users get on when fighting spoofers.

Oh, based on certain posts here some of them already have double identities.