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I've realized something


Friday I posted a topic about how I had finally reached aviary for the first time. I said it was a bittersweet moment, I didn’t know exactly why at the time.
Now I do. I keep raising in ranks in aviary.
Because there are so many people arena dropping right now for easy wins for this stupid event. So many that its making it easy for average people like myself to raise in the arenas.
I’m nearing 4650 points and I just keep chugging along.

I shouldnt be where I am with my current team, nor should I have as much momentum as I do to keep climbing. I should be struggling more to stay hovering around 4500.
It has made me feeling reaching aviary not as rewarding as it was when I reached Lockwood. I should be facing much stronger teams with where I’m at than I currently am. Yet, I’m fighting teams I fought when at 4000-4400.

I honestly feel really bad for the people in the lower arenas that are having to deal with the arena droppers, they’re just trying to get their incubators and raise up in points themselves.

This event, has shown how low people will go to get an easy win to be at the top. Its sickening. I also know, I won’t be where I’m at for much longer. All of those arena droppers will be coming back up soon and then it’ll be my turn to get the beat down. I’m not looking forward to it. :frowning:


Yeah, seems (big surprise) that Ludia didn’t really think this one through. I’m the only one in my alliance, so I don’t care about this ‘rush’ event - but can see how people are losing to win. 1 point to start a battle, and 2 when you win? Dropping then bashing your way back up can earn a lot of points!


This event was poorly executed, no surprise there.
Ludia can’t do anything right it seems.


This event is just shining light on a normal problem this game has had since forever. Outside of seasons there isnt enough done to make dropping unattractive. There are a few solutions offered here all with merits but Ludia hasnt listened.

Dinos level capped per arena seems to offer the best solution… people can still drop to play new dinos bit wont over power people.

Supercell added a match making algorithm that when you dropped you would be matched against someone else that dropped. That worked for clash royale but.

I personally would rather have had an event like this done in its own arena outside of the ladder with friendly battle rules. That way it has no affect on ladder.

This game has a huge issue retaining new players and events ran like this one is not helping it.


If the events and arenas were like they are for JWTG, it would save a lot people the unwanted stress.

I have no idea why they don’t have it like they do in JWTG in the first place. You’re not forced to participate in the tournaments, there are normal arenas you can choose from to battle in for rewards and you can’t exactly arena drop.

That makes too much sense though…


They choose to take two games pogo and clash royale mash them together and go from their… they was most likely a motivation to get an esport scene around this game like clash royale has. But so far they havent quite understood what makes clash royale so successful.

Their monetization methods have prevented this game from mass appeal, and while some rng heavy games are able to still have a competitive following, it is not helping them in those regards.

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I dread what’s coming when they raise back up. I’m preparing for those high level dinos to smack me around for a bit


Yeah, I’m going to try and enjoy it while it lasts. I’ll probably cry a little once I get smacked back down.

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Worst part is if we want the daily trex we are forced to battle. I went from 380ish on the board to 4980 facing teams that put mine to shame. I envy those in my alliance below 4000 because it was way more fun. Good luck all not just winning, but tolerating the chaos.

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It’s happening. Getting my behind kicked at the moment. Ah well, the tournament is coming soon and things will be back to normal. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I got knocked down to 4300.