I've turned into that guy


When an opponent opens with a Stegodeus level 25 or up?

I set my phone down and let them have at it.

I even have a 27 and don’t open with it because Stegod vs Stegod is the worst, most boring battle in the game, and in my experience, most people open with the darn thing if they can.


I think we all do that sometimes😂


I start with Stegodeus because it can cleanse any damage decreasing or slowing attacks right at the beginning of the match. It’s not my first choice though. I prefer starting with Postimetrodon.


i hate fighting a lower level stegodeus too. most of the battle is superiority strikes :sleeping:


Fighting stegodeus is the most boring thing in this game I could think of, all it does is take out 1 dino and then stall death for 9000 years.

Unless it gets a crit.


I had an amazing stegodeus vs ankyntrosaurus battle once that lasted for ten actual years. Worst matchup of my life.


I 1v1’d a level 24 stegodeus with my level 17 earlier and won without any crits and it was about a 3 minute long fight.


@CleverBoy tell me about it. Especially with diloranosaurus. The match lvl 20 vs lvl 20… I literally have to let the timer run out in hopes that my supriority strike goes second. Get that speed, and win with stun and strike. What kinda game is that :rofl:


yeah. rajakylosaurus/ankytrosaurus vs stegodeus is the worst. it makes me miss the 2 minute raptor games so much :sob:


I’m glad I’m not the only one who lets the timer run down when it’s superiority vs superiority haha. I almost feel bad about doing that but it has to be done.


I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out why a lower level Stegodeus always beats a higher one. Somehow by being slower it gets to choose when to use the 2x APR.

There must be a math formula here.


Trag and Stegod both drag matches out. I rarely even use my trag, just cause it’s soooooo slow. Good defensive dino. Just makes matches so long. Would rather lose without it, than win 10 minutes later with it haha.

Btw. Good matches we just had @TheMaxx. That was envigorating fighting your team twice. Nice builds you have there!


Thanks! You definitely rocked me those rounds. I lost nearly 100 trophies to you haha


Much respect. Didn’t anticipate getting you back to back with the trophy difference. Was just trying to get two incubators. Got lucky is all. I’m no where near your level yet. Some day maybe. Definitely had me on my toes lol.


There is, and it’s easy. He who shields first dies first. THe way to beat a lower level is actually different htan the way to beat a higher level in the mirror match for Stegodeus.

As a higher level, you want to trade all APR’s for equal value. If they APR into your shield, you APR into theirs. If they APR you without a shield, you APR them without one.


Very true, but I don’t mind. My system is to open with Trystronix if I can and get them low enough to finish with the next dino. It at least gets the main tank out of the way.