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I've upset some people


The reason,

I have been having some stupid good rng with her lately.
About 9 out of 10 stuns are stunning, and she’s taken down a LOT of Stegodeus, i-rex, and monomimus lately, constantly hitting through evasive and cloaks.
I just fought this poor person who had their entire team taken out by her, every attack stunned, I mean EVERY attack.
If I was them, I’d want to chuck my phone across the room.

Its kind of funny though, before 1.4 I didn’t even want anything to do with her, despite her being my first legendary, I just wanted to add her to my collection . After they lowered the delay on instant charge though, I decided to try her out and I’ve been quite pleased. She’s quickly become one of my favorites (my ankylocodon will always be #1) and she’s almost always my starter.

Honestly, I’m waiting for my lucky to run out, I had a similar run with the Stegoceratops and then it sunk haaaard. XD

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She’s my favourite!! Hoping to level her up more soon


…and ive upset even more people with this level 24 paramoloch. and im in top 50 leaderboard now. my id DrNizam


i beat a different person with a lvl 24 today. was surprised to see it on a ranked team.

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yea. shes not stable. and her awesomeness is only more satisfying if u manage to make her normal damage 1000+ (level 24+). otherwise she is just ordinary. not among the dino i like also
…love my indorapt & allosino more.


better than making the unique?


No. i dont think so. Unique should be better. If you look at 1st player leaderboard he use the unique at level 29👍🏻

…i dont create unique becos i dont think i can reach level 30 in future with that unique😂. have DNA difficulty to fuse. so i just aim & hold with my legend only.


Still working on my Para, though a few people have moaned about her sucking and only good for the unique. On another note, people still use Ankylicodon? Mine is 18 but don’t have coins to spare to level her up. One of my top favs, wish they would either give her long protection back or raise her damage a little. Or both??? :grin:


The unique is trash . Something like 730 base damage on level 21. Both Dino’s are dependent on stunning correctly, if they don’t then you’re in trouble. Too inconsistent on a team that already has an irex , monomimus, iraptor

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Heck yeah I do, she’s my highest level.

While I do miss her shield going away with defense shattering now, she still wins me matches. She doesn’t hit as hard as I’d like but when she crits its in the 1400 range now.
He immunity is a big help too.


On a different note, why is monolometrodon in your team, it’s practically useless. At that level the only thing it can kill 1v1 is a raptor


I literally just unlocked it and wanted to test it out. Its not too bad where I’m at in arena, I had a spazz moment when I lost my marbles and dropped from 3800 to 2200 to try and get my wits together. It worked but I only just got back to the marshes yesterday. So its been pretty helpful. Does good against lower level i-rex and Mono’s.
That last spot is actually hard for me to fill. It use to have my lvl 19 Allo in it, but then I took it out since I needed another null attack dino on my team.