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Sto per finire la stagione a 15000punti nei prinissimi posti in classifica…dovrei essere orgoglioso ma devo ammettere che è anche il risultato di centinaia e centinaia di partite contro i Bot pervhe non riesco a trovare avversari da quasi due settimane! Non so se abbiano smesso tutti di giocare…ma sicuramente per l’interessamento di tutti ludia dovrebbe cercare le motivazioni di questa desertificazione…un saluto a tutti

Translated from Italian

I’m about to finish the season with 15000 points in the very first places in the standings … I should be proud but I must admit that it is also the result of hundreds and hundreds of games against the Bots because I have not been able to find opponents for almost two weeks! I don’t know if everyone has stopped playing … but surely for everyone’s interest, ludia should look for the reasons for this desertification … a greeting to everyone

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@Jackviaggiante, it is unfortunate there are only a handful of active users remaining. Unfortunately, while watching the player base erode, the developer has continued on a 2-year trend of pushing forth mostly undesirable and unwanted changes to the app. Over this time, there were three noted grand exoduses, each seeming to result in more than half of the users abandoning the app. Instead of wisely redacting or amending these failed endeavors to maintain the user base, the developer instead choose to shun them. As such, it should be of no surprise suitable matchmaking is no longer possible. Wise users have posted in many threads that this outcome was inevitable.

Unfortunately it is far too late to correct these blunders, and the developer may simply be biding time until their new apps drop. This of course assumes auditing completed on behalf of partners, does not compel these brands to look elsewhere. It seems unlikely many partners would knowingly choose to bind their brand to this variety of user experience.

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Hi @Jackviaggiante, I found you :slight_smile:

Hi …friend…

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Hence my suggestion to have an ability to “meet-up” for PVP battles. @Keith, maybe a VIP feature to incentivize subscription, eh?

Yes…god idea …i’m italian live in roma…you?

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