Jam City

So hearing snippets about Jam City taking over from Ludia.
Anyone know when this is happening? And what’s your thoughts on the situation.

Personally I think it’s gonna be a good thing. Hopefully some fresh blood with fresh ideas :slight_smile:

Don’t Jam City generally just do Candy Crush type games?


They make Emoji Blitz

From three days ago.

Leading Mobile Entertainment Company Jam City to Become Publicly Traded Company Through Merger with DPCM Capital, Inc. | Business Wire.

All I know about this company is that many of their games tend to get Pay to Win fairly quickly (going by customer reviews). I also don’t recall them making games like JWA before.


One concern I ha e is that jam city will take over but leave the Ludia staff in place which I think is a common practice in these situations. So we may end up with a shiny new owner but the same old nonsense :frowning:


I already think this is game P2W. I don’t spend at all but the grind is insane. Throw a few bucks at it and you got your stupidly boosted Thors etc :frowning:

thors are useless in high rates.

From what I’ve read on this Jam City wants Ludia for the ips, existing games, and work force.

They mention they believe they can help existing Ludia games through playerbase growth and retention. Something Ludia has failed rather spectacularly in that regard.

That jam city is a mobile gaming company and like Ludia share similar design philosophy of monetization through game mechanics. So I would expect some kind of revolution in mechanics. More likely prices might drop and bugs might actually get fixed and the game optimized.

But realistically Ludia has a project with Disney that could lead to a Ludia Marvel game. Jam city already has the dc license. Could potentially lead to one entity developing both marvel and dc games on the mobile platform.


Unfortunately you are probably correct. I’ve been in those situations in the Corp world and other than a name change as to who holds the company the personnel remain with the exception of upper executives who get bounced out for the new regime of white collars. The only way to possibly force their hand is for everyone to stop :stop_sign: spending money to get the new owners attention quickly.

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This can be true but in the announcement Jam City ceo talks about plans to incorporate existing Ludia games into their Jam City Live ai and machine learning system to better these games ability to attract and retain players and improve monetization.

So there will most likely be some kind of changes even sometimes parent company policies can have some big impact… like with Bethesda having to add a way for players to earn crowns for free in eso because of a Microsoft policy all in game currencies must be earning. Which means free to play players can now grind for content previously only obtained from a paywall.

Like I wouldn’t expect a removal of boosts or any huge changes atleast right away. I could see the vip system being completely revamped… and maybe even turning into some kind of “battle pass” though

just hoping we get someone who knows how to communicate with their players. better communication and bug fixes would be a great start.


Why was this flagged? Can people just not handle reality? The game literally did this.