JamCity is on its way to kill the game

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Watch this get deleted and then ignored ;-;


exactly, cuz JamCity cant handle genuine criticism


I literally wasn’t even able to finish reading it before it got flagged bruuuuuuh


Honestly I agree, 2.6 showed hope, but ever since jamcity took over, very few good things came out afterwards
I talked about this earlier but they don’t care about buffing old creatures, only adding new broken ones.
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Yeah. The update is a huge scam!


Phourex is a complete liability that cant even take out fierce half the time.
Swap in/out increases skill requirement not decreases it.
Players using the new thyla appear to be of the opposite view - that if anything it is underperforming and nowhere near being the ‘best’ legendary.
If you are quicker than ptops with a decent damage capability, its perfectly killable (im aware this may be different when heavily boosted, but thats a different issue), as its healing ability is limited by playing ‘behind’ and it has to actually attack eventually.


Very few good things! Especially the boost reshuffle is gone, replaced with a few tokens. Are they going to give 3 tokens every half year, like one boost reshuffle every half year before?

Also the amount of new and unbalanced crazy dinos with exclusive components!


I remember when Jam City took over I was like: “This is the start of the fall of JWA”. And I remember most people were enthusiastic of the change of leadership.

Guess I wasn’t wrong in the end.


Maybe Ludia should kick JamCity out and go back to being the owners of the game. I joined this game in update 2.0 (the mortem update) and I have seen them add increasingly more annoying creatures. Maybe it’s time Ludia takes the throne back


Same. I’ve already seen other Jam City games, and the general complaints about them were always how P2W they were. My mother played one, and ended up deleting it because it became impossible to progress without paying. I didn’t hold out hope that they would do JWA any good.


I don’t see Ludia as good though. Yeah it was better under them but it’s not like they actually cared either. The two things they had going for them were that the updates weren’t as broken and the creatures they introduced were slightly less op and the broken op ones were at least spaced by more than one update.

Imo it should be another company than both Jam City and Ludia that should be in charge. The problem is that with the current state of the game, no one would want to take the lead and fix everything so we’re stuck with JC.


I never knew what was jamcity and didn’t know that jamcity ever bought ludia, i was super confused when i was reading this.

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Last time I ever even had fun in this game was 2.8, almost every single update after that was terrible.


It’s pretty clear in fact what the company is doing. They’re just going to push out more and more OP creatures every update that you have to spend money to max, but then if you don’t spend money- well then you’re screwed.

This is why I don’t play this game anymore. I understand the game needs to be profitable, but to f2p players this looks like they completely don’t care about them.

Sadly, however, I don’t think Jamcity looks at the community as people. They don’t see the dedicated players who have been here playing their hardest since the start. They see statistics and profitably.

Everything in this thread is well said and mentions the main points and issues with everything going on lately in JWA. I’ve quit the game because I can’t bare to deal with this anymore. I am not saying people should quit but please just think twice before purchasing anything.


Agreed. (10 characters)

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Didn’t read the post but agreed with the title.

Instead of making all these super mega ultra hybrids. Why not release more Gen 2 creatures that don’t have them already and make hybrids with them as well as the other current and older creatures. This way the same format can be used we’ve had from the start.

Super hybrid

Not this mess of confusion and abundance of new confusing moves and too many creatures too fast.

This is beyond sad.

I don’t want to know how many hours we players spend, day in and day out.

FIPing, hunting, collecting – and everything becomes destroyed in a few updates.

Years of passion!

When Diablo coming, I’m done! :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark:


D4 you mean :stuck_out_tongue: sometime this century knowing blizzard but yes cant wait :stuck_out_tongue: as for this game yes too much pay to wina nd too aimed at it for my taste

Already been killed with how laggy every time the map loading is now