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Jan 23rd Scheduled Maintenance

:wrench:January 23rd Scheduled Maintenance

Attention all Adventurers we will be doing some scheduled maintenance today
at 9:00 am ET to 1:00 pm ET.

Thank you for your patience!


If it was scheduled, why didn’t you make an announcement earlier? It would have been nice to have chests and free challenge timers going during the maintenance.


I’m with richey. I was just about to finish some chests before work. I would have finished them last night had I known. Now my timers are going to run out. Why was this posted 10 minutes before it was set to happen. Was it only “planned” 12 minutes before it started?

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Well I"m not surprised about it. Honestly though it’s pathetic how they handled this. I mean they have everything in their disposal to alert players that a maintenance is coming. No, not just alerts, anything to keep players informed. Notifications and messages in game? Useless, I guess they won’t use that despite over thousands of players having easy access to it.
No let’s use facebook/twitter and let’s post this 15 minutes right before we do maintenance.

We know the update is coming, we don’t WHEN. That’s like a doctor telling a patient right after an xray scan that they have a serious disease, spend an hour going over what it does and the treatment, and then after finishing explaining telling them they gotta do this in 15 minutes upon the xray scan or it’s fatal.

Either way you look at it, it’s terribly handled and unprofessional of this company.

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