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Jan 6 - 12 - Cleanse & Counter Attack


For me it will be…

Either common
Carno, Echo, Posto
Posti, Puru

Echo, Puru and Ardentis. That’s all I really need from this lot.

I’ll mainly focus on Elasmotherium, Postimetrodon and obviously Ardentismaxima.

Yes, another try on Maxima!! :heart::ok_hand:t2:
I totally screwed up last time and also got hit by the xx8 DNA curse…

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Odd though that Maxima is on Cleanse & Counter Attack week! :thinking:


I’ll take all the Kapro and Carno I can get. Also the Puru. I have no idea what Ardentis is doing there, seeing as it doesn’t cleanse, but I want it. What scent is that? Looks weird. Blue incubator … I’m more interested in its other contents since I’m not in need of Blue. Speed boosts … sure why not.

200 more Blue? I mean come on, we’ve had it shoved down our throats, at least give a bit more variety.


Why is ardentismaxima in there?


Nice week. If I’m lucky on Sunday, I can dart 150 on maxima and I’ll finnaly make her. (A without getting ardontosaurus to 20.)
I’ll be going after elasmotherium and edmontoguanodon. Save up that dna for mammotherim and bajanodon


Perhaps another mistake made by them.
But tbh I hope this isn‘t a mistake.


If it ends up being a mistake (which it might be, Ardentis has neither a cleanse nor a counter attack), I hope Carnotarkus replaces her. Surprised she’s not there, actually, considering she’s one of the better counter attackers.


Echo is the one to focus on this week for me. I’ve got all I’ll need of the others.

I’m just absolutely made up with the opportunity to get some more Miragaia :woozy_face:

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I only need to dart 95 on Maxima. Even a bad attempt will still help somewhat. Fingers crossed!

Maybe it’s an error…? Seems too good to be true :anguished:

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Uh oh, well…

Don’t get your hopes up guys. Max attempt is probably an error.


Postimetrodom is immune. So maybe that’s why Maxima is there, cus immunes constantly cleanse. Maybe their being nice.


Echo and Elasmo for me. Rest is garbage. Except that Maxima attempt, which is either error or will be removed like Tenontorex was.