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Jan 9 - The Game Became Impossible

After finding challenges and PvP very easy for a couple days, I have discovered the app has become completely unplayable as of 12:00 am on January 9. Since then I have been facing nearly impossible armies in the Challenges. The challenge rating of my foes is so high I’ve even had to surrender in the 1st room. There is no longer any point in trying to repeat these rooms.

This is insanity, room after room of too powerful enemies. Hopefully this is a short term glitch or something they are working to resolve.

Hmmm I played light finger and got a super nasty room 7 but other Rooms seemed ok

Room 7 was 3 level 20 zombies vs my level 14 characters - emptied my wizard kill shot, my archer triple shot and cleric and dwarf hits onto one of them and didn’t even take off 25% of his health. Zombies then one shot my characters

Unfortunately I have no challenges wort doing fir next 48 hours so won’t be testing further :stuck_out_tongue:

I just realized support is reviewing the difficultly level I am facing in challenges to “make necessary changes”. Hopefully this mess was due to the review and not a result of the changes. :confounded:

[Edit: After loosing in PvP, which broke an extended PvP win streak, the difficulty I am facing in the challenge rooms seems to have reverted to normal conditions. I no longer need to repeat rooms over and over agin. My understanding (possibly just an uninformed assumption) is that PvP streaks have no impact on Challenge room difficulty. I will continue to monitor this and see if this ocurance was coincidental or systematic]

It’s an ongoing problem as players. As long as the money keeps coming in, there is no issue for the company. Ludia, owned by Fremantle, which is owned by RTL Group, can’t focus on quality. That’s not what huge corporations do. Their goal is profit. It costs money to take care of customers. That cuts into profits. Ludia is a cog in RTL’s gears. Players are just lube.