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Jaraxle's injury damage doesn't count for quest

I never use Jaraxle in battle bc he is far lower in level than my other players, but sadly got a battle damage quest for him. I found that the legendary bleed damage doesn’t count towards damage in battle, so that’s disappointing and senseless.

Hello Froth,
Thank you for your feedback. I am told the initial attack counts as damage, but none of the Injure damage for any hero count for damage quests.

How does that make sense?

Because they are no longer dealing the damage, rather the injury is. Example you step on a nail, the nail hurt you. You then take the nail out but every time you take a step, your foot hurts. Is the nail still hurting you, or are you hurting yourself by walking on a wound?

The team believes, the monster is hurting itself by taking an action when wounded not the hero.

I personally do not think it matters much if ongoing injure damage counts towards a heroes damage, however, I disagree with the reasoning used to explain why it does not. I will apply this logic to a long-term smoker who dies of Lung-Cancer 10 years after abandoning the habit. This logic would imply the individual died from the decade of clean living rather than the results of a lifetime of smoking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I do not think most would agree with this reasoning.

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