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Jarlaxle AND Bard have Dominate?

I am calling Broken…I just had two characters dominated at the same time. Is this really the wave of the future?
If so, we need way more ways to restore or dispell the negative effects.! Can’t move…attack…stun…dominate.

Well since my Bard always misses his dominate it can’t be to big of a threat :slight_smile:

Frustrating maybe but far from broken. Fighter with taunt and 100% restore makes dominate irrelevant. Paladin and even Jarlaxle can restore 75% of the time. In the screenshot you posted you have your rogue and wizard going before the Bard and could kill her before she even gets a chance to dominate you and Jarlaxle has a very low chance to dominate so if it happened to you that sucks but again…not something to be considered broken.

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It’s funny you posted this, I was going to ask if this had happened yet or if it was somehow made so it wouldn’t. I was picturing someone dominating my jarlaxle and then him attack another hero and dominating him.

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Depends on your perspective.

I often come across teams with multiple legendaries…I get disintegrated by mage, kill shot from rogue and bard, dominated three rounds…AND now more domination from people that pay for early access to new hero… I guess it is working as intended as if I spend money I will get the same gear. Without it even luck will not allow a win
I do agree if I Taunt my fighter or Barb. will be dominated. However, I will then one shot myself with proc - which seems to happen ONLY when I attack myself. :slight_smile:

My most recent game…one shot by mage…one shot by lock…two turns go by…one shot by mage…no damage done due to healing more than I hit for.! Broken? To me yes…I think teams are super unmatched.

Another game – priest advances…kills entire team. Broken??? Again, people that have the gear think this is working as intended…there is NO competition imho unless you buy gear.

So three more games…Mage - kills all 4 of my team…Next game…2 attacks 4 kills - disintegrate and other three from one shot from ranger. Next game…two killed by dominate killing myself…Barbarian kills other two with on shot

Last Edit-- Opp team…16, 17,18,18 levels. Sigh, I am done for today or I will just whine…Broken imho…as there is no way to win most times.


that’s the future to come :wink:
but Jarlaxle’s maximum proc chance is 25%

I’m not a fan of more dominate in game. It may only be 25% . However, it’s on a character whose boots give extra action. That negates the fact it’s a melee weapon and not ranged. Then add in he has lots of stealth options. How many more ways can we decide a battle by not hack and slashing…

Didn’t want to create a new post just to share an ss. Seen this coming but killed bard anyway.

I had a Jarl dominate my taunted Paladin today. As Jarl advanced in front of his party line, he got squished in the very next turn by said Paladin who restored herself. Boom!

More generally - I don’t think dominate is OP - but I think 2 characters with their current level of effectiveness is enough. If a party really does get ripped apart by dominate, I think they had a very unlucky combo of both party composition and turn order or they aren’t prepared.

The majority of times I come up against a Bard, their dominate is rendered ineffective by the many many options we’ve been provided to work around them (some of which StandingWarrior there has referenced). That’s why I don’t even use the Bard anymore in my roster.

Dominate can swing a match one way or the other. Based solely on if it it did or didn’t work. But it’s not the only skill in that regard. It does force players to choose items with restore over other items. Just to play around it. For example I use Tommus common item over his legendary. Use cleric restore boots over zone healing boots. At least before the update, if you got lucky on initiative. You could smash her face in. Before her turn and avoid the issue. If anything I’d like her health/defense dropped between where she was and where she is. Now she shrugs off disintegrate with health left better then most so called tanks. Usually by the time you can get second ranged on her. The other player gets a chance to heal or get taunt up on someone else. Overall I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s game breaking. It’s not any harder to play around then some other things. It’s just the most annoying thing for me to play around. Just not a dominate fan, maybe that’s why my bard misses 75% of the time. I just don’t like her.

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