Jarlaxle Event - Bug

I believe a second bug has occurred with the Jaraxle Event.

Note: I am only using the free portion of the event to fill my 20 battle chests slots. I am not attempting to unlock the Jarl.

I understood players could compete for free in the second stage until they suffer 3 losses.
However, after winning my third battle, the app demanding I donate 30 gems to unlock more attempts if I wish to contiue. In previous iterations attempts were only counted for losses, not wins. Ergo, you could play the stage for free until you lose 3 times.

Has it changed this time or are my wins also being counted as losses.
If so this is the second different bug infestation i have encountered with this event. I am glad I am not trying to win.

As I commented after encountering the 1st bug, this is an outstanding start to Update 13 (AKA, Abysmal Failure XIII)

I’ve got a worse bug - crashes every battle. Usually just as battle finishes which is ok but sometimes right at start and sometimes during :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Orloch, I’m not really sure why your wins would count towards a loss. However, our team would be happy to take a closer look to see what might have happened if you reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.

It happened to me too.

I had something come up right after a win I closed the app before the end for the result etc. Still had a win). When I came back I had to pay 30 gems for.more attempts but my win counter had still increase.

Same thing for losses I was frustrated close the app before the end when I lost. When I came back my trophy count had moved down even if I had played ToM

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Thanks again Ned. I won’t bother support with this minor issue. This may provide support an opportunity to focus on other pressing issues.