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Jarlaxle is HERE! Gear Spoilers & Quick Review Inside!

Hey all!!! Whelp without any announcements or such, Jarlaxie has magically (or stealthily) slid into our mailboxes for purchase! As usual, Early Access will cost you 49.99 (usd) and net you a couple common packs, and epic pack and a single legendary pack. Is he worth it? My vote is yes - from the looks of it he is a pvp designed hero. For us veterans, is he worth it? Doubtfully, as he adds no new utility, and will take time to grind up, youre probably better off waiting for the free events, or if u have an excess of gems. However, being an iconic character, (and to make this review) I went ahead and grabbed him!

From just initially view:


  1. Super Stealthy
  2. Has immunity gear (will be identical to Tommus at max level)
  3. Has movement gear - for rogue this is insanely necessary, however…he atatcks at range…hmm
    Well he does have swords too, so maybe cool right?
  4. Umm DOMINATE - BOOYAH!!! Mix this guy up with Bard and giggle in pvp.
  5. Status IMMUNITIES - unlike Tommus, he actually has an item that makes him like the Rakshasa.
  6. Has AOE attack, and has start of turn effects like bard.


  1. Alot of his gear is low % chance. Dominate starts at a measly 10% chance to proc for example…
  2. Appears squishier than the other rogue.
  3. Not much gear variety - feels badman like Paladin. need more gear!
  4. Nothing exorbitantly awesome to look forward to.

Overall, I think a new player will benefit greatly, a veteran is better off waiting unless you enjoy to pvp alot.

Below will be all the gear rewards, spoilers ahead!


I did my best to post each piece I have unlocked, and then the next stage upgrade. Same for unowned. Enjoy!


This is great thank you for the info all in one place. Wow, lots of stealth. I LOVE D’aerthe Pistol which will likely get benched for Knave’s Eyepatch from a power level but the idea of attacks when an enemy moves into range is so much fun to play with. Portable Hole also catches my attention. Look forward to playing with the character and seeing his “style” in action.

Yea that item could be clutch if played right :wink:

Overall im really enjoying Jarlaxie as a playstyle, much better than Paladin. paladin was a total letdown, I was a bit worried about Jarlaxie tbh.

Im going to suggest the following gear to chase:

Epic Weapon
Rare pants
EyePatch / Common Ring
Rarest hat u can get
Foldable Chest (or portable hole if lucky).

Obviously go for legendary when plausible for weapon/accessory.

Also interesting to note that they went with Jarlaxie instead of Drizzt, a common staple for FR, loving the animations, and the purple, especially the critical animation - is by far the best in game. Too bad he looks a bit lanky, but hey he is Drow lol :wink:

The crit animation doesn’t quite catch me for some reason maybe too much a take off on Neo from the Matrix. I do love the purple though and great flavor. Look forward to trying out more of his abilities.

That’s why I didn’t (and never will, unless probably another healer) preorder again. Loved the paladin as a class but got disappointed with Nayeli.

Ive actually been really enjoying Jarlaxie already, but completely unnecessary if veteran. However it apepars to be a PVP centric hero. Im almost lv11 and several gear pieces near max ability already, and have cleared all challenges through 9 rooms, including Lightfinger with jarlaxie in my party. He shines in pvp though, portable hole is clutch hilariousness.

@Jon HEY soooooo…where is the Hand Crossbow of the Drow? He even has it in the images u guys are posting everywhere :frowning: Was lookign forward to a hand crossbow of death.

@Xx_YESPA_xX sorry I am a little confused, Jarlaxle does not have a crossbow. Can you please share the picture you saw.

Well for one, its in the weekly events:

Also the preview stuff showed the outline, and all drow are known to have one, Jarlaxie included!

Oh darn, thats the feather from his cap on his sword!

I believe that’s the feather on the hat. :sweat_smile:

Argh haha, man I was sooo looking forward to hand crossbow bolts with poison tips, could u pass the suggestion along, he is incomplete without!

Hand crossbows were small crossbows which could be loaded with a single hand. The loaded bolts had a range of purposes, but most often to contain drow knockout poison, especially when wielded by the drow.[3]. They were easily concealed, and favored by rogues and those who would prefer to use stealth, rather than power


Jarlaxie had:

Hand-held crossbow with darts dipped in drow sleeping poison

Sleep would be an awesome mechanic to add, or just poison :wink: or Stun, or…all 3 hehehe

Well ive had a few days to enjoy Jarlaxle, and here is a deeper review based on utilization. First off, he has earned a spot on my super fast farming team!!


Pretty awesome!! Jarl is a fun character to play, he’s fast, generally goes first in initiative and has a weirdly fun kit. He feels like a jack of all trades, but master of none, which is my preference tbh lol. As far as dnd, they nailed this class - definitely swashbucker, feels like a fighter/thief and maybe even a fighter/thief/mage due to the magic items!

First off, things I love, PORTABLE HOLE both in concept and actual utilization. This is his staple item I think will be. It does aoe injure for SEVERAL turns. Lv2 gives a 3rd row range to boot! I always loved the DnD Meta of Using Portable Holes, Bottomless bags and such as weapons, much to the woe of my fellow Dungeon Masters when I play as a pc. hehe

Combat wise, he is definitely a PVP hero. His sword is hilarious, although I wish the DOminate effect would last more than 1 round, guess the devs felt that would be too OP. Regardless when combined with COunterattack, its hilarious, as long as he can survive, which btw he cant. He is squishy beyond belief. I think he needs the same stat boost bard and paladin just received, he is much lower than his counter parts.

I have his primary epic weapon maxxed out already, he does amazing damage, ive full cleared all challenge dungeons all the way through room 9 including lightfinger (which he is great for clearing boon circles with double movement). He survived all of these, which of course was a testament to my party just as much as him, but he constantly contributed anywhere from 4k to 10k damage per attack round.

One of the items that needs a rework is the eyepatch. Due to having the awesome ring which is identical to Tommus restore flask, even up to 100%!! The eye patch becomes redundant. Sure it gives immunities, but with the ring stuff wears off on his turn anyways. The only use possibly is avoiding stun while counterattack is up, but u miss out on some negative removal, ring is 1000 times better imho.

As mentioned at first impression, Jarlaxle is not necessary for veteran players, however for Newer or lower level struggling players, you may find Jarl as an active boost to your overall function, so if you are either bored and need new gear farming, or a young team, he is worth buying now.

For veterans though, he doesnt bring anything really useful to the team. He can mix it up for pvp, but he needs levelling up and gear collecting to be effective. The fact that we can just complete an event for him in the future makes me say, even after gearing him up (I have all epics and a legendary and the lower gears) that youre better off waiting, unless u wanna shake it up.

His animations and color scheme is enjoyable, my personal favorite color is dark purple so yay on that lol. The lack of a Drow Hand Crossbow really hits at home though, I was looking forward to it, and it would have given his kit more function which he desparately needs. The injure aoe is great but super weak, and his dominate caps out at 25% chance for 1 round, and can only happen in melee range. Outside of this he has very little utility.

Overlal id give Jarl a 6.5/10 point scale, mostly for style and coolness. Marshmallow event, will u give in now and buy the marshmallow or wait and get it for free?

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Cool review I think you have done much better at getting/maxing his gear than me so my version isn’t in the same ballpark yet. The Portable Hole is the main piece I’m missing altogether. I think the spot where the hand crossbow would have gone was given to the pistol instead. Having just played a lot of season 8 of DnD I understood the allure since it is really powerful but very difficult to acquire. Anyway I’ll hold off further judgment until I get more gear but generally love Jarlaxle as a character so happy with the choice although I’d really love a Monk:

P.S. it feels to me like a parent of a newborn I’m constantly noting Jarlaxle’s “firsts” like awww he just killed his first dragon!

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I don’t have the portable hole so far I’m not sure about him. I feel without portable hole 2 ability that are self buff only with no free action isn’t going to cut it in PvP as everything is so fast.

I got the legendary weapon and the legend pistol so far and I don’t think I will use that pistol